Be direct

Recently I was in banking hall and a question just popped out of my mouth directed to one of the pleasant male bankers.

I am comfortable with him since he has served me for years. Anyhow, I just blurted out “By the way, are you married?” His colleagues just burst out and laughed. I imagine they have ever raised such a question.

“Well”, he started with a sense of hesitation and then added “According to me, I am married”. To which I responded, “This requires a simple answer…yes or no”. “But you see, sometimes, when I say that, some people here question it” he defended himself. When it was time to leave the bank, I called out his name and said “Mr X, according to me, I am leaving now” he chuckled and his colleagues joined in. So, what’s the point of all this?

Sometimes, there is a tendency to beat around the bush when two or three words would do. Your message is driven home.
You save time, energy for yourself and the people you are communicating to will appreciate that.
So, next time you have something to say, ask yourself as to how you can be more direct.

Some questions can help. How can I make my message shorter and clearer? Am I direct enough? The answers will give you more clarity on how to deliver the message.

That also means being more courageous because sometimes the beating around the bush routine is triggered by fear of judgement.

If it’s the truth, precision and being direct is your friend. It also inspires more confidence to those you are communicating to.
So, you tell me, are you married?


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