It’s the PLOT; the Podcast Lecture On Things

Tuesday May 18 2021
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By Claire Balungi

Unemployment. What exactly is it? If you are thinking it is not having a job, Allan Busby has news for you. If you are also thinking causes of unemployment include too few jobs to go around or too many graduates churned out each year, Allan thinks not. According to him, the causes of unemployment range from personal uselessness to the unfortunate rift between generations. At least that’s what he says in the PLOT (Podcast Lecture On Things) which is a podcast series brilliantly scripted by the overly-qualified unemployed genius, Ernest Bazanye.

The PLOT lends itself to the concept of lecturing an audience who seek to learn about life and everything in between. The lecture is a performance delivered by Allan and the audience is at the listening end. Laced with humour, sarcasm and interesting anecdotes whose meaning one had never really considered, the podcast series talks about pretty much anything under the sun.  

Why else unemployment is real

Back to this week’s topic. Other reasons why unemployment exists? Well, what old person will hire a youth coming with baggage of entitlement, poor hygiene and lack of communication skills? Also, have you thought of lowering your price if you think you’re overly qualified? All these brilliant ideas and more can be found on the first episode of the PLOT.

Watch out for it every Tuesday on the Daily Monitor’s podcast platform.