Managing the fear of being judged

One of the areas that hold us back as human beings is the fear of judgement. As I look back, it has held me back several times. Having coached hundreds of clients over the years, it’s still one of the biggest challenges.

The problem with the fear of being judged is that you will find yourself standing still instead of moving forward. You will be frozen rather than thinking of solutions.

Here is the liberating thought. If you take action and live your life or dreams, you will be judged. If you stand still and don’t take action to appease some people or fear over certain individuals, you will be judged too.

 So, what’s the better scenario? Ultimately, you are better off doing something rather than sitting on the sidelines. The other good news is that most people you think are absorbed in your life dynamics are not. 

They are engrossed in their own dreams and challenges. Most don’t care about your life any way. Those thoughts and imaginations in your head are illusions. So, calm down my friend and get to work. Have a life. Move forward.

 Get out of your head and get to the field of action. Stop those illusions in your head. Now, of course there are people who will actually judge you. 

So what? At the end of your life, are you going to measure the success or failure of your life based on how many people judged you or what they said or what you achieved?
So, here is what you can tell yourself when the fear of judgement comes in. “Whether I go ahead or not, they will judge anyway”

Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, motivational speaker, HR consultant and success coach. 
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