MY STYLE :Frank Gashumba - forget money, it is about taste

Gashumba. File photo

As a city businessman who meets people of different calibre, I mind about fashion and style, with a special attachment to the clothes and watches. I cannot compromise class. I would rather have few clothes which are of good quality than a wardrobe-full of rags.

I have a special attachment to jeans. This type of dress code is informed by my environment, Kampala which is so dusty and hot. In such places, suits are not the best daily wear for any one hence the jeans. These jeans (Pierre Cardin), however, are not picked from down town, I import them from UK, Dubai and Johannesburg-South Africa, usually each pair going for at least $150(about Shs400,000).

My collared T-shirts that I wear along with the jeans are imported from Turkey, they are of very good quality and are long lasting.Shoes and watches are my other big thing. My watches range between $1500(Shs4m) and $7500(Shs20m).They are bought majorly from UK and Dubai. I own a variety of these watches, among them Timex, Seiko, Grand Carrera and Bentley.

However, I do not only wear casual clothes, but also official clothes. I put on suits on a few occasions like when I am visiting embassies, during weddings and meetings, and this is absolutely for respect and image, otherwise I enjoy my jeans and collared t-shirts.

My dress code is informed by the mood and occasion. However, at any one single time, whatever I am dressed in, I ensure to appear smart and presentable.

And people must know that to be smart, one does not need that much money, but taste. Campusers have proved this; they usually buy their little nice clothes that enhance their appearance yet are not very expensive.


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