The PLOT: What kind of domestic animals do you own?

Wednesday June 09 2021
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By Claire Balungi

Domestic animals live with their owners in the human habitat. For it to be regarded as a domestic animal, its owner must have an intention to have the animal present. If you desire to domesticate cockroaches, they’ll be regarded as domestic animals in your home. The distinction on what makes an animal domestic is hilariously laid out by Allan Busby in this week’s episode of the PLOT (Podcast Lecture On Things).

Besides food and recreation, a domestic animal could be used as a security instrument, but don’t train your cat to jump at burglars, it will be torn apart. Do you remember the word ‘ox’ from your Primary Two class? It will interest you to know that there are communities still using animals to carry luggage. Catch all this and more on this week’s podcast episode of the PLOT. The PLOT is written by Ernest Bazanye and performed by Allan Busby.