Diary of a Working Married Mother: A unique approach for every staff 

Saturday April 17 2021

Diary of a Working Married Mother

The boys are preparing for examinations, which are due in a couple of weeks. These are critical exams that will determine whether they go to the next level or not. I seem to be more stressed than they are.  Periodically, I remember the exams and immediately I feel my stomach tying itself up in knots. I know they are also under pressure but they are handling the pressure differently.

My older boy is more laidback than his brother. He says he is putting in the work but I am probably blinded by my concerns and workload. I have seen his younger brother reading more. They employ different approaches, but are aiming for the same thing – success in their exams. And, God willing, they will achieve that.

Over the years, I have learnt that there is no single method to handle the boys during examination time. I have to handle each differently. This is quite similar to what is happening at the office lately.  The financial year is fast approaching, with several deadlines to beat. You would imagine everyone would be up and about ensuring things get done in the fastest time possible. Alas, this is not the case. We have staff who are as laidback as my firstborn.

They do not understand why they should be constantly reminded of their deadlines. They claim everything is under control. I have learnt  how to deal with people in my sphere of control, the same way I deal with my sons.

I know people who have things under control and the ones who do not. I have to deal with them differently to get the results we need.

I try to be as understanding as possible and do not sweat the small stuff. But, it is irritating when someone does something they know they should not and then turns around and says please do not get angry with me. First of all, why do you assume I will get angry?


Secondly, if you think I will get angry, why do you do what you do? It is better to do the right thing so you get the work with few hiccups.

If, on the other hand, the person’s intention is to wind me up then they are messing with the wrong person. As I said, I do not sweat the small stuff. I can see through such people and deal with them accordingly.