Abbas brings neon to life with new collection

What you need to know:

The neon collection themed ‘Escapism’ was unveiled in Lagos, Nigeria and the designer promises new styling tricks and pops of colour for neon-loving fashionistas.

The season to make merry and spread the cheer is two months away and what a better way to be prepared for the holidays than with a colourful collection! And that is what Kaijuka Abbas of Kai Divo’s Collection is giving and more.

The neon collection themed ‘Escapism’ was unveiled in Lagos, Nigeria and the designer promises pops of colour. Here are the highlights from the collection, and why it might just be worth the splurge.

Neon inspiration

While many of the pieces in the collection may not be ready-to-wear, it is hard to miss the bubble gum hue inspiration. Many of the pieces are in green, pink neon shades, which makes for a great colour trend. The way the pieces are also colour blocked makes for some styling tricks that neon-loving fashionistas would love to add to their collection. 

Hoop underskirts

These have always been considered undergarments, especially with wedding gowns and other fuller silhouettes. But with this Collection, we see the vintage-themed skirts given a colourful touch, which could have us rethinking keeping them underneath. If you followed the MET Gala 2021 event, you remember how Iman, the fashion model, opted for hoop skirt style and added gold detailed feathers to it. Who knows? Perhaps this is a trend alert awaiting to be noticed, no?

Mix and match

The other plus with this collection is that even though it does not exactly spell ‘everyday wear’, it is one of those you can easily pick off a piece or two and fit them into your everyday wear. For instance, the pink puffy jacket is something that would be well fitted over your denims and body suit. Alternatively, you can wear the cut-out body suit on your next weekend getaway by the pool.


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