Atek; The Luo princess turns 18

Saturday September 12 2020
By Min Atek

Min Atek

On that cold and rainy morning, the mother quickly made her way out of the house. She desperately needed to use the bathroom but because the one in the house was occupied, she decided to go to the outside one. Back then, all houses had accompanying outside quarters.  And then, boooom! 

Like a sack of potatoes, the heavily pregnant woman came tumbling down across the short staircase. 
A few weeks later, the child was born weighing many kilogrammes and crying out loud. Those long days and short nights turned into weeks, months and the years have turned into 18. 

In all honesty, I’m completely at a loss of words at how that beautiful little and helpless creature has grown and matured into the most beautiful, intelligent  and bountiful young lady.

For the first time in a really long time I actually broke down last Sunday. The worship leader started the session by singing a song that had the lyrics thanking God for having been present through the years. 
Indeed, God has been fully present and faithful this entire journey. 

From the evening the midwife told me I was expecting, through the years of walking almost blindly as one moment unfolded into another, weeks turned into months and the months have become years.


I remember the afternoon I was asked to rush home because the little girl had just convulsed hours after I had taken her back home from hospital. I remember praying earnestly that God would keep my baby girl. I remember our days at preschool and the day she lost her front tooth because of a fall.

There was one particular day when she packed all her belongings and shifted to a neighbour’s house because she said she wasn’t loved or important in our home.

I remember her first birthday and how dramatic it turned out. I never threw another party save for small celebrations always targeting her classmates at school. 

God has been true and faithful!
My baby girl is grown to be a full adult complete with wit and a mind of her own.

I bless the first fruit of my womb with the blessings of heaven. That she’ll know only goodness and mercy all the days of her life. That she’ll always wax great and valiantly and that greatness shall continually enfold her being. That God’s favour will forever surround her as a shield, protecting her and guiding her always.
Happiest birthday to the Luo princess, Atek.

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