Colour your closet the Amina Abdi way

What you need to know:

Fashion. Colour is known to be a mood booster and this is why fashionistas choose outfits with pops of colour. Amina Abdi, a Kenyan media personality’s style will will teach you a thing or two

Colour is known to be a mood booster. And this is possibly why most fashionistas choose outfits with pops of colour. Amina Abdi, a Kenyan media personality, is known to wear many hats, but her style is one you will not get enough of.

While her fashion choices cut across different silhouettes and details, the one constant you will notice is colour.

Fashion should be fun

One sure way to enjoy you wardrobe is to have fun with it, and that is something this award-winning TV host does so well. Even for something as elaborate as a matching set, Amina is mindful to add a pair of boots to keep the fun going.

Regardless of the occasion, it will keep your eyes glued on her because of how carefully style queen is consistent with all her fashion choices. The fun aspect of your outfit can be achieved through accessories, fun prints, elaborate details such as cut outs and exaggerated parts such as puffs and bell details.

Signature wardrobe

If you have possibly thought of creating a colour palette for yourself as a way of curating a signature wardrobe, then the fashion rule book that Amina swears by is possibly something you need a subscription to. Her fashion choices are never short of colour and these are served in variations, giving a different eye-candy look each time.

If you are the kind that loves to keep your pieces muted, explore this styling option, by serving it in minimal portions with accents or with minimal prints. That way, you maintain your muted and tone-down attire, but with a little style spice.


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