Diary of a Working Married Mother: May this Easter renew us

Saturday April 03 2021

Diary of a Working Married Mother

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday; the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter symbolises many different things to all of us. For me, it is a time to reflect on God’s ultimate sacrifice for the good of the men and women He created. He sent His Son to die for us so we could be redeemed and saved from our miserable selves.

I do not know anyone who would die for another person. Maybe a mother for her child, but often I wonder if the reverse would happen. Even when people are so in love that they declare they would die for each other, I doubt they would go through with that promise if they were ever put in a position to do so. Many years after the great sacrifice was made we are still as sinful as before. It is almost enough to cause despair, but not all hope is gone.

The days leading up to Easter, otherwise known as the Lent period, are a good reminder for us to reflect on what that sacrifice means for all of us. And to do something about it, not just reflect. Many of us pray and fast during this period and one hopes that we all come out better for it. My reflection this year was to forgive others just as Jesus Christ forgave us,  especially that person in the office who just seems to find a new way every day to make work difficult for us all. It is not an easy thing to do. I frequently find myself playing back in my mind what the person did, the hurtful things they said, the way they made me feel, and so on. I try to imagine what I could have done or said that would make them take back their words and actions. But no scenario ends well enough.

For my peace of mind, it was very necessary to forgive the person. Holding on to grudges and refusing to see past the person’s weaknesses was holding me back. Through the Lent season, I figured out that I was much better off letting go and moving on with my life. Not in my own strength but with the help of God.

We need to be saved from our miserable selves. So much is happening now that makes me wonder if we are in the end times. We continue to see decisions made that are supposedly meant for the good of the citizens, but they turn out to benefit a select few.  On a personal level, most of us are hell-bent on taking care of our needs over and above others’.  A little sacrifice would go a long way