How to become a better shopper for your closet

Saturday September 19 2020
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Buy pieces you genuinely love, not what you think every girl is wearing.

By Gloria Haguma

The weekend was quite long and I decided to do a wardrobe sweep.  You will not believe how many items I found in there that I have not worn in a long while. Many of these are pieces I had worn once and I don’t picture myself wearing them again. 
Women and shopping are inseparable. But it is easy to end up with a closet overflowing with outfits that you don’t wear. There are pieces that you possibly bought on a whim and are now regretting your choices. 
Well, today, we share tips on how to become a better shopper and spend less on pieces that you will love for a lifetime. 

Avoid last minute shopping
You know those outfits you purchase because something came up and you need to find something to wear instantly? 
Those are usually pieces that you look back at later and realise you wouldn’t have chosen them if you had enough time. The trick is to purchase something when you find it, regardless of whether you need it then. 

Go slow on trends
With the fashion trends that are always changing; day in day out, it’s quite easy to jump on each and every trend. But that’s where you go wrong. 
Chances are, a few months down the road, those dungarees won’t be charming anymore.  

Try on when you shop
Unless you are shopping online or at some downtown spots where trying on an item before you purchase it is a bit tricky, it’s a good idea to try on clothes before taking them home. 
This is crucial, especially if the point of purchase is a random place that won’t be easy for you to return the item.
Different clothes have different fits and what you think will fit may actually turn out to be a size smaller or bigger. To avoid piling up lots of clothes that never fit, try on all your outfits before taking them home. 

Stick to versatile pieces
When you are out shopping, always stick to pieces that are versatile enough for you to be able to switch them up when need arises. 
You are probably spending some good money on that wardrobe, so any purchases you make should be of items you can picture yourself wearing differently each time in order to achieve different looks.