Is stone art replacing wall units?

Saturday January 23 2021

Opt for fine wool rugs or cushions on the sofa to tone down the cold feel that stone typically brings. PHOTOs/net

By Pauline Bangirana

As I walked into Maureen Najjuma’s house, I was welcomed by a cool breeze that fills her living room. But my attention was drawn to the stone wall that accommodates her television and various items such as the decoder, DVD player and a few house décor items.

For Najjuma, incorporating a stone art design as part of her TV unit was advice that came from a friend. With time, she realised the stone art helped her incorporate an African kind of theme into her home.

“I wanted an African theme and the stone work option would pull off this perfectly,” she says. She adds that having the stone work option has come with its own advantages. Najjuma says that the stone wall creates space with the living room because things are spaced and as such, the feel of freshness is a luxury she and her family enjoy every day.

Perhaps you have visited people lately, and you too must have noticed that people have got rid of the once huge exquisite wall units.  People are opting for stone art or stonework, which is carefully done around the TV area and pimped with beautiful lighting.

Andrew Mbabazi, an interior designer with Ayodele Innovations Limited says integrating stone art in one’s interior is a contemporary trend that many people have embraced because it gives an aesthetic appeal to the house.

Asked whether stone art had replaced wall units, Mbabazi says, stones add nature into the home and creates a more relaxed look.


He, however, recommends that the decision to have the stonework done on interior should be carefully thought out in line with how much space one has and its coverage.

“If the space availability is not put into consideration and the stonework is not occupying a reasonable area on the wall, it will mess up the entire wall as opposed to adding character and beauty to the living space,” he warns.

Mbabazi says the utilities should be carefully planned and all the wiring should be professionally done before the stone art goes onto the wall as all the cables that hang in front of this stone work will not be pleasing to the eye. Gilbert Asiimwe says he prefers stone work to a TV unit because it is easier to manage.

“I do not have to worry about dusting the cabinets of the wall unit and arranging items in place on a TV unit. The stone wall is simple, brings nature into the house and sorts all the dusting worries,” he shares.

Perhaps it’s a trend to fathom with and one to highly consider for any home owner, however, in the event that actual stone work is costly, wall paper of the same can be replaced and it will create the same effect. Remember to use the skills of someone qualified in placing wall paper. 

The exposed stone wall is not a new element in home décor. On the contrary, it is a widespread and a way to make the room look vibrant, natural and welcoming. To use natural stone for your wall decoration means to combine simplicity of maintenance with durability and good sound absorption.

On the market you can find a great variety of stones in different price ranges. The most common types of stone used for living room décor are limestone, sandstone, slate, brick and coral stone. There are a few tricks that will enhance the feeling this natural material brings to your home:

•Choose proper lightning as this will intensify the texture of the natural stone.

•Combine the stone wall with a lot of fluffy, furry textures in the room. You can opt for fine wool rugs or cushions on the sofa as these materials will tone down the cold feel that any stone typically brings.

•Add flowers – they are natural as the stone and will only add up to the earthy relaxing atmosphere of the room

•Choose stones of different sizes or even of different types to make the room more dynamic and to bring your own personal touch.

•Consider decorating the rest of the room with bright-coloured accessories that will make the stone stand out.

•Decorate only half of the wall with stone and paint the other - this will make the design more dramatic and is quite suitable for smaller rooms. 


Combine the stone wall with a lot of fluffy, furry textures in the room. You can opt for fine wool rugs or cushions on the sofa as these materials will tone down the cold feel that any stone typically brings.

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