Kwanza unveils environmental friendly fashion

What you need to know:

The event was meant to rally fashion designers to use materials that are not harmful to the environment.Eco-conscious fashion brands are now creating outfits from polythene, tyres, backcloth and old clothes

As the debate on mitigating climate change becomes a national and global concern, Ugandan creatives are joining hands to create environmental-friendly fashion outfits.   Designers came together at Motiv Kampala, to celebrate sustainable fashion in an event dubbed Kwetu Kwanza.

Fashion designers are creating pieces from polythene, tyres, backcloth and old clothes, in a move to opt for eco-conscious brands.

Godfrey Katende, the lead organiser and the proprietor of IGC fashion, says the event was meant to rally fashion designers to use materials that are not harmful to the environment.

“The fashion industry can contribute to social justice and civic engagement. That is why we are opting for fashion which we understand better,” Katende says.

He adds: “If a car tyre is used to make a hand bag, it would take many years for the owner to throw it away. And this is one way of addressing littering.”

Katende says Kwetu Kwanza, a sustainable fashion event wants to sensitise people about environmentally-friendly practices and sustainable fashion.

The event brought together fashion designers from different backgrounds for cultural exchange and collaboration. The two-day event featured fashion shows, pop-up shops and workshops.

“Designers showcased their products, promoted their brands and connected with potential customers and partners,” he adds.

Minori Nakimuli the proprietor of Nakimuli Crochet everywhere, says she uses off cuts, dumped clothes to influence customers to opt for clothes for sustainable fashion.

Msema culture

Msema uses offcuts from old denim jeans to make clothes. He suggests that if old pairs of jeans are left to be dumped anyhow, they can block sewage lines and if burnt, they still emit toxic gas to the environment. He blends old fabric with African fabric to make stylish outfits. 

Njola Impressions

Allen Nabukenya alias Njola uses waste, old tyres, sandal and polythene papers to make handbags, shoes and caps among other items. She says when a tyre is no longer functional, it pauses a risk to the environment and recycling is the most effective approach to safeguard the environment. She collects tyres from organisations and dumping sites, which she later recycles to make products.

Bobbin Case

Mukasa Najib of Bobbin Case fashion uses old fabric to create fashion with stories that inspire communities to be conscious. His outfit Omutaka and Nabakyaala paints a historical picture of Uganda’s social trends.