Mistakes that may run down your ensemble

Saturday November 21 2020
By Gloria Haguma

From choosing the right fit for your clothes, to finding those accessories that will work and match like magic with your outfit, it’s never as easy breezy pulling off exceptional looks.  Women invest so much effort and time to have beautiful ensembles.

However, without even realising it, there are a few fashion mishaps, that could ruin even the most perfect of outfits. It could be something amiss with your hair, an overly done eye liner or mascara. Today, we break down some of the things that are possibly cramping your style.

Faded jewellery

Just like most of things in life, your jewellery wasn’t meant to last forever either. So no matter how sentimental you maybe about that bracelet or those earrings, sometimes, you need to let go of that jewellery once it has hit its expiry date. Faded jewellery makes your entire ensemble look so inexpensive.  

Dragging edges on the floor

The only thing allowed to drag on the floor are trails. Unless your pants have a trail thing going on, there is no reason your pant hems should be worn while dragging all over the ground.


This look will have you looking shabby because your pants will seem to be the wrong size, but are also going to end up getting soiled at the end of the day.

Ill-fitting clothes

Yes, the oversized clothing is a trend. However, sometimes you will end up wearing oversized clothing under the pretext of being trendy.

When you decide to try out the oversized clothing trend, ensure the clothes fit perfectly in the place that they should be like your neckline, sleeves, waist line and hems.

Peeping underwear

 It is called underwear for a reason. That means it should never at any one point be visible to the public.

Peeping underwear could be anything from visible panty lines, peeping bikers, or even visible underwear from having on an impossibly little outfit.

Peeping underwear will have your outfit, both ragged and cheap, regardless of how hefty the price tag on your outfit might be.

Half tucked in tops

One of the things that got me in trouble while in high school was always my untucked in shirts. After a while, I decided the half tucked in look was a wise and efficient solution.

This is actually worse than the untucked in look. When it comes to your tops, the half tucked in look is one of the shabbiest looks . If you have a problem with the shirt constantly slipping in and out, then you have an even better solution in the name of body suits.