My wife advised me to save and invest in real estate

Saturday January 16 2021

Timothy Erau is a photographer with a bias to creative art

By Joan Salmon

Who was your childhood hero?

My mother. She is a resilient woman, who persevered amidst all hardships and to make sure we turned out to be who we are today. She sold groceries, samosas, chapati, and local brew to take care of us. And regardless of what she went through, she always kept a smile.

What was the first book you read?

Iculi. I loved the cunning character of Mr. Rabbit

What drew you to cameras?

The love to document and tell stories visually


What was your first camera?

Nikon D3100. I treasured it because it was a gift from my father. 

What was your first pay? What did you use it for?

My first pay was Shs50,000, which I used for transport to and from work.

What has been the most memorable event in your career?

When I did a live light painting photography session at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology at Makerere Univerity. My work featured on the BBC show Focus on Africa.

What makes you different from other photographers?

The love to experiment, research, trying and failing and not doing the obvious.

Given a chance, what other career choice would you opt for? Why?

I would have been a professional basketballer. I was inspired by my elder brother and I played basketball throughout childhood. I got scholarships because of basketball and played it at a semi-professional level with the Charging Rhino Basketball club (the Chargers). Another highlight was winning the championship which got us promoted to Division one.

What crazy things have you done for love?

I once walked from MUBs to my hostel in Makerere University because I had to make sure I save on transport and buy a rolex for my then girlfriend who later ditched me a day before my birthday.

What is the best advice you ever got from a woman?

My wife advised me to save and invest in real estate, and she tasked me to establish a home and structures for rent. This was quite challenging but with her support, we are making progress.

What is that one thing that people do not know about you?

My report card always had naughty boy, which explains the beatings I got both at school and from my mum.

What qualities do you look out for in a woman?

Crazy, provocative, sexy, joyful, lovable, outgoing and above all God fearing.

Who is that one person you want to meet before you die?

Robin Sharma, a Canadian author. His resilience, determination and self-drive in his books give one a sense of direction and how to approach challenges in life.

Are there books you would recommend a friend to read?

The Saint, The Surfer, and the CEO by Robin Sharma.

They teach one how the universe works, how to best approach life, respect, humility, and love.

If you had to change anything about the photography and videography industry in Uganda, what would it be?

Impression of how photographers and videographers are perceived. I have had a scenario where my office space got locked with a client’s work inside due to the accumulated rent arrears caused by the lockdown. The client was too bitter thinking I was playing games. I ended up doing reprints at an extra cost just so I would put the stress behind me.

In your view, what is the glue that holds a relationship together?

Honesty, transparency, and commitment.

What is the one meal you would prepare with ease?

Noodles are the ideal meal because apart from dropping it in water and waiting for it to boil, I do not have to do much.

Are you into soccer or movies? Who is your favourite soccer player or what’s your favourite movie?

Thierry Henry is my favorite soccer player, and he made me love Arsenal because he played with utmost passion whenever he was on the pitch. His pace, and skills while dribbling and running with the ball made it hard for opponents to mark him. He was also unpredictable and scored quite a number of memorable goals for Arsenal when they needed him most.

As for movies, it is Forrest Gump. From it, I got to know that it is important to appreciate life while we still have it. The movie also shows that you never know what is going to happen in the future, such as when your time will be up or if your life is ever going to be compromised.

If you had to advise youth in Uganda, what would you tell them?

The youth need to know that nothing comes easy in life. As such, hard work should always be part and parcel of their lives.

Work hard

If you had to advise youth in Uganda, what would you tell them?

The youth need to know that nothing comes easy in life. As such, hard work should always be part and parcel of their lives.