No mother should lose life while giving life

Saturday April 17 2021

Min Atek

By Min Atek

“Mommy! One of the teachers at my school lost his wife. She died when she was giving birth. The baby is alive and is called so and so,” my son informed me.

At first, the news did not sink in. But hours later, as I lay down, the magnitude of what my son told me hit me.

Suddenly, I was reminded of what it means to be pregnant with a child. Those nine months can only be best understood by the one who has walked that road in anticipation of having a healthy baby.

With each pregnancy, a mother of the unborn child carries the risk of uncertainty regarding their own life plus that of their child. Those very thoughts play back in my mind everytime I meet a pregnant woman.

Although I wear positivity like a daily robe, each time I walked into a labour suite, many random thoughts raced through mind. There is a possibility of walking out of hospital without a child or both not being able to make it at all. 

There are twin boys who recently celebrated their birthday and their grandmother was not sure whether to celebrate or not because with each birthday, comes the harsh reminder of the loss of her daughter, who died two hours after bringing the two precious boys into the world.


No mother should die in childbirth and no child should die in the process of birth.

After carrying the pregnancy to full term and enduring everything that comes with the process, the journey should end in joy and celebration at the onset of a new life.

May our leaders come to the realisation that every life matters and that it matters from start to finish. May our leaders pay special attention to the medical sector because often times, the causes of such unfortunate incidents are actually avoidable.

Is there something we can do? Is there hope that these tragic stories will cease? Statistics show that many have lost their lives and imply that the status quo shall continue.

May God comfort the grieving spouse, who is clueless on how to be a mother to a newborn child and yet they must deal with their own loss and grief. My son, a football star in the making, decided to dedicate the next match and every goal he would score, to the little child and her dead mother.

What a place of hopelessness! How do you even begin to comfort the young family?!

No mother should lose their life while giving life to another!