Post Mother’s Day reflections

Saturday May 15 2021

Min Atek

By Min Atek

Mentioning her name, he went through his annual ritual of celebrating the mother of his three daughters on his social media platforms.

Despite the fact that I have been reading this exact tribute through the years, it always carries something intricately beautiful, fresh and touching. If there is a person I know that values, loves and celebrates his wife, it is my older brother Jake.

The past weekend was awash with Mother’s Day celebrations. From gifts of all kinds to all the different messages shared on different media spaces. Everyone was sending sentimental messages to their mothers across the globe.

I spent a reasonable time of the Mother’s Day afternoon seated quietly by my own mother. She has had some health challenges for some years that have affected her greatly. 

A part of me feels like she is not the same person anymore. She has grown thinner and frail. Despite her current health condition, she often gets up from her bed, smiles at me and asks if she should get me something to eat or drink.

These days, I smile back with courage, without showing her the gentle anguish in my soul, watching her in her current state.


This time round, I told her I would share some of the freshly peeled sugarcane that her caretaker had just served.

We both chewed on the cane quietly, each of us lost in thought. I deliberately decided to enjoy the moment as much as possible.

I took it all in slowly and with absolute intent. I have had the honour and privilege of taking care of my mother in her older years.  It is a reality that I do not take lightly as I count my blessings.

My children celebrated their mother on Mother’s Day. They sent me messages and remembered to carry back some small snack on their way from church.

This is one of the commandments that God gave us. In the book of Exodus, God tasks us to honour our parents, so that we may live longer in the land he has given us.

Honour your parents with your materials and finances. We joked recently that many people’s mothers are on mobile money and not on social media.

We do not honour our parents with money because they lack, we honour them with our finances because it is the right thing to do and it communicates that we are not selfish.

A heart that cares and gives back to parents will always be blessed. May we be caring children to our own parents. Our children too will honour us when their time comes.