Taking her back in time

Lydia Namono says the makeover reminded her of how beautiful she looked on her wedding day. Photos by Abubaker Lubowa.

“I shaped and filled her eyebrows to give them a distinct form before applying foundation and powder. I gave her a red lipstick to brighten the look. Overall, I tried to keep the make-up as minimal as possible,” Racheal Nabuduwa, from Paramour Cosmetics.

The wardrobe
“I chose two kaftans for Lydia because of her body type. She is a tall, plus size lady. The outfits came out very well on her body especially the orange one. These are outfits she can wear while entertaining guests at home as well as attend events with including church and weddings.

I selected the other two outfits because of the nature of her work. As a business editor, she needs to be presentable at all times, therefore, these two official outfits would be ideal whether for conducting a meeting or interacting with clients,” Annet Kiconco of Uzuri Fashion House.

Cream kaftan: Shs600,000
Orange kaftan: Shs700,000
Stripped black and white outfit: Shs400,000
Patterned outfit: Shs400,000
Shoes: 450,000
Ear rings: Shs20,000
Bags: Each is Shs150,000

I think I need to do this more often

“When information reached me that I had been nominated for the makeover, I was in awe. It was the last thing I was thinking about amidst my busy work schedule.
Although it took some time to pick out the attires, trying them on was equally exciting. When the stylist first selected cream kaftan, I remember thinking: Can I really rock that ‘bulky’ outfit with large sleeves? Surprisingly, it turned out great.

The defining moment was when the makeup was done. I looked really gorgeous, I must say. This outfit felt graceful. I was reminded of how glamorous I looked on my wedding day.

Then there was the orange beaded one. The challenge here was that the beads made it feel heavy much as it can do very well for parties. My best outfit was the knee-length floral dress which had what I would call a ‘perfect’ fit.

For me, it’s been a while since I came across something that fits right. With my hair held up and the makeup in place, I felt like one of those stars on fashion runways in that dress.
The black and white striped dress was a comfortable outfit because its stretching effect covers up belly fat very well. Also, black and white prints are timeless in the fashion world.

I’m not the kind that wears makeup because I’m not used to it. At most, I’ll make do with lip balm or lip gloss and that is it. But the makeover got me thinking: I need to do this once in a while at least, just to look different from the usual.”