Things to master before you turn 40

Saturday January 23 2021

Investing your money is an easy method to grow your savings exponentially. PHOTO/NET

No one ever really feels like a “grown-up.” But if you’re approaching 40, well, you are one. And it’s high time you refined some crucial life skills, from staying healthy to saving money. Here are skills you should master before you enter your 40s.


Debating your salary with a boss does not come easy. But the right amount of preparation, research, and practice can make a big difference. One method is to offer a range of ideas when negotiating a salary. Instead of demanding what you want, try reworking the phrase to emphasise what you can offer the organisation.

Stick to an exercise routine

Finding a workout that you like can feel a little like dating. It takes lots of trial and error to find the one that is right for you. Research shows that if you feel inept at your workout, you will be more likely to quit. So, experiment with a wide variety and make friends in the class to hold you accountable. Once your 30s kick in, you begin to lose muscle mass, so exercise becomes extra important. Workouts are a great way to build a new community. Try joining a running or cycling club that is not only good for your body, but gives you a chance to learn new neighbourhoods.

Saving for retirement


It is never too early to begin saving for retirement. Lauren Lyons Cole of the Business Insider’s reported that by the time one makes 40, they should have saved about three times your annual salary. While this report may seem unrealistic, investing your money is an easy method to grow your savings exponentially. Even just putting small amounts of money in a few stocks is easy and low-maintenance, and it yields big results over time.

Investing in relationships

One of the lingering regrets people have from their 30s, multiple people posted about not spending enough time with their family. Not spending more time with parents and friends, walking, talking, travelling - while you are still young enough to actively enjoy it is important. Children grow quickly, and leave home quickly, and the spouse who remains with you will again become the closest and most important person in your life.

Saying ‘no’ to people

Many people struggle to say no to their friends, bosses, family and acquaintances. The truth is you cannot say yes to everything. The best way to muster up the confidence to turn down a request is to recognise that there are some things you can never have back. Your time, your health, your virtue, your life. Do not mess around with those things. It’s fine for people to ask — and it’s just as fine for you to say no.

Making new friends

Adult friendship is way different than college friends. An adult friendship is often driven by activities, hobbies, and even travelling. One easy way to try to meet new people is to immerse yourself in a lot of activities. That way, you can meet a variety of people with similar interests as you. Even just meeting one person can open your network to a larger group.

Managing stress

Living in a chronic state of stress and exhaustion can take its toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and if brought on by work it can lead to job burnout. You will not make it that far in your career if you do not pick up some strategies for managing stress — even seemingly simple strategies such as listening to music and exercising.

Selling yourself

Once you understand your own career vision, you must figure out how you will explain it to others. Being a copywriter or the fact that you work in finance is fine and dandy, but it doesn’t make you stand out. Instead, when people inquire about what you do, don’t be afraid to mention what you are passionate about, the types of people you help, and what you do for them specifically.

Time management

You may get away with being all over the place as an intern, but when you are leading the team, you must respect time.Learning by 30 what makes you efficient is important to professional development, and beyond that, improved efficiency makes you look a lot better in the eyes of your superiors.