What memories did you create during Christmas?

Min Atek

What you need to know:

Recently, I chanced upon videos that I recorded of my children when they were about four to five years

If someone put you to task to share three of your greatest childhood memories, what would you say?

Would those memories come off easily or you would have to scratch your head for a while? Who are some of the distinct people in those memories? Do your parents feature at all? Are those memories pleasant or not?

Recently, I chanced upon videos that I recorded of my children when they were about four to five years. It was unbelievable. In the first one, the child was playing guitar and leading the then school band in their Christmas production. When I called the children to watch it, they were taken aback. Then I found a recording of the child again. He had recorded himself singing at the top of his boyish voice then.

He has grown so much it feels like him and the person in the recording are two different individuals. He was even embarrassed to see himself.Memories are powerful. They tell stories that no storyteller can narrate. They remind us of where we have been, who we are and where we are going. They help us see and understand the power of hindsight.

What memories are you creating? What memories did you create during this festive season? It can be tempting to sit by ourselves and let life pass by. Some people struggle to take and be part of photos or videos. They find them hardwork and for some, taking pictures and recording video clips is a boring and immature exercise.

But we live in times where you do not have to go to a photo studio to take family photos. You do not need to hire expensive camera equipment to capture moments in video clips.

Until you have grown up and realise that you have no childhood pictures, you may never see the importance of keeping track and maintaining records.

Memories are not only evidenced in photos and videos. Memories are engraved on our hearts. They are those moments of history that get permanently tattooed on the walls of our hearts. Moments when we were happy, sad, overwhelmed, reflective and contemplative.

The New Year is here and you have an opportunity to make some memories with your family, most importantly with your children. If some precious moments passed you by, you can still catch up.

Make the most of your phone camera by capturing and saving moments. Allow the child in you to come out as you play and share some light but precious experiences with your family. May 2022 be a year of great and memorable experiences.


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