What women’s day means to Connie

Monday March 08 2021
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Movit’s PR and Communications manager Connie Nankya

By Our Reporter

On 8 March, Ugandans joined the rest of the world in celebrating International Women’s Day to recognise and appreciate the achievement that women accomplish every day. The theme this year is #ChooseToChallenge and we talked to a Movit’s PR and Communications manager Connie Nankya  about what it means to her.

Today is International Women’s Day, what does it mean to you?
International women’s day to me is a day set aside to speak to the inner meaning of true womanhood. Yes, we see the women every day, relate with them on a daily and sometimes appreciate them or take it for granted that they are part of us. However, this day speaks to the fact that without the woman, the world would not be a place worth existing in so, women’s day is the re-echoing of the voice that reminds us of who we are and the various roles we play that are worth celebrating today and the many years ahead.

How important is hair to an African woman?
Hair in itself is beauty. That is why we spend some good time and money fixing it, even though we may not enjoy the whole process at the saloon. Hair gives identity and attaches personality to who we are and sometimes what we even stand for. We have seen some African traditions using hair to differentiate between classes, tribes, clans among others. In a nutshell, to an African woman, hair is the God-given feature that enhances our beauty in so many ways, depending on how one chooses to wear it.

What key roles do women play in your organization?
Our organization, is a dynamic entity. It therefore gives me pride to say that the role of women has not been left behind but rather incorporated at all fronts. Women at MPL play various roles in all departments that speak to the progress and sustainability of Movit Products Limited. They are at the helm of driving the business across various channels right from the grass root to informing key decisions at the organization. This is not something we take for granted but rather appreciate the entire team at MPL for being the enablers that extend this platform for today’s woman to be who they want to be and contribute to the wider picture in driving economic growth and development both at MPL and the wider global picture that we feed into.

Who do you think is the most admirable woman and why?
That will have to be my mother and this I say with utmost humility and respect. She is a special lady in so many ways. The loss of my father (R.I.P) at a tender age of 17 years was quite challenging a time to deal with. My mother on the other hand embraced it all and juggled all aspects of life to see that my siblings and I remained in the same stable situation as it was before my father passed away. She is very hardworking, patient, resilient, selfless, extremely caring, God fearing and nurturing. From her I learnt that no matter the situation in life, one must rise with a plan that takes us miles. I learnt that for every tear shed, we must wipe it off our faces with a solution to keep soaring. I learnt that for every smile worn, we must thank God for it and let it be a reminder to keep aiming for the stars. In other words, self-pity is never a solution for as long as we are alive, we must keep going no matter the state or situation. This foundation has made me who I am today! 

How could men contribute to promoting gender equality?
Since time immemorial, men are viewed as the strongest gender in society. Much as we have made bold steps in promoting gender equality, men still have a bigger role to play. Men can contribute to driving sustainability of what has been done by appreciating the role that women can play across all facets of life. This comes with providing the platform for women to shine and further having the trust that women too can deliver each and every task in the same manner or even better than the men. Men should support the female gender by extending every opportunity to the women as well, believing in them and building their esteem to deliver against all odds. If women are more appreciated and given room to bring their best foot forward and deliver, we can achieve gender equality for all, whether its in families, schools and all work environments.


What advice would you give to women in the beauty care industry?
The beauty care industry is one of the fastest and busiest industries. While the women there are working tooth and nail to deliver the best beauty products for fellow women to look good, they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. My advice would therefore be that, women in this industry needn’t neglect themselves but endeavor to take care of themselves too and look good at all times. Also, they must have the confidence to be proud of what they do. Every woman aspires to belong, be and look good. Being able to make this kind of contribution is not something that anyone should shy away from or hide. So, take up the mantle with pride, enjoy what you do and wear it best by taking great care of yourself both on the inside and outside.

Is it important celebrating International Women’s Day during the pandemic?
It is not only important to celebrate International Women’s Day but also vital to recognize every day that we are alive. Firstly, we need to thank God that we and our families are alive and kicking despite the pandemic. Secondly, women by nature are good at multi-tasking hence wear as many hats as the need arises. Given the diverse roles that women play successfully, it is important to celebrate them even during the pandemic and at this point, I would like to appreciate every woman that has been at the helm of driving good health, business growth, stability at home, education at all levels and all the other challenging fields that we have had to deal with due to the pandemic. Today is our day and you are truly celebrated.

Any other comments or thoughts you would like to share?

Being a woman is a blessing. No matter the situation, women should never feel left out, ridiculed, unappreciated or disadvantaged. Even when society may dictate that way, the choice rests upon us to be the change that we want to be. Always have esteem as high as a lion and remain focused on your goals in life. Stories from famous women like American poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou (R.I.P), American talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, and the most recent Kamala Harris, America’s first female black/Asian vice president are proof that no matter the tide, women can still challenge and beat all odds to achieve their dreams. Be that woman that stands out and creates opportunities to achieve even when it seems impossible.
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