Whatever else you do, do not forget the flowers

What you need to know:

It will be Valentines Day again soon and I do not mind getting flowers even then, or whenever, writes Carol Nambowa

Roses, Daffodils, Lilies, Hydrangeas, Tulips, Sunflowers, Daisies….. Flowers! Fresh pretty little creations full of life and colour, blossoming with expression yet so fragile.

They make a statement, leave an impression, they are diaries for memories, they are memories. There is peace, calm, care, warmth, comfort and happiness they carry with them. Flowers say, Congratulations, Thank you, Get Well, I am sorry, Happy anniversary, Happy Birthday, Sorry for your loss, Just because I love you...

I can barely recall when my flower craze set on but by age 12 in Bukoto, I had a petite flower garden next to the gate and still cannot remember whether I forgave the fence builders that trashed that little garden.

The genesis of this love
I had that little garden before I was immersed in romantic movies so my flower love is not a movie associated adoration.

May be it was their fragility yet strong presence that captured my attention reminding me a bit of who I was. Or maybe it is the kind of attitude I have towards life that birthed the love.

I live in the moment and enjoy today as it is. I do not look at flowers as perishables that wither within a week but as conveyers of love, peace, sympathy, beauty, regards, passion. While in high school, we had a flower sale on Valentine’s Day and we bought ourselves flowers to move around with, just to prove to the boys that we were pretty ladies with suitors.

When dating set in, my love for flowers shifted from sunflowers, tulips, lilies to roses and God blessed me with a boyfriend keen on buying flowers along with other pretty little feminine items he sets eyes on.

Why flowers are enough for me
Unlike several women, flowers have a special place in my life. They are fresh, unique, vary in colour and are not something that I get every day. They are unique things for special occasions for special me.

Many ladies would opt to receive ‘long lasting’ gifts such as bags, shoes, a nice meal, travel tickets on Valentine’s Day but those are items I can receive on any other day.

Although I have this great love for flowers, it is not the end of the world when I do not receive any for I am a realistic flower lover. I do not fret or hate people who do not love or offer them.

It also matters to me the effort and love the giver got the flowers with so please do not pluck flowers from KCCA gardens and bring them to me in anticipation for a smile. You will be stuck with them because I shall not take them.

There are a few things you should not forget;
•The note. remember to send a card with your flowers. A small, affectionate note makes the gift more special. Write from your heart and check the grammar.
•Try and find out what her favourite flowers and colour is. Sending her a bouquet of her favourite flowers shows you pay close attention.
•In case it is a delivery, have her full name, address and phone number right when ordering. The last thing you want is to send the flowers to the wrong address.
•Flowers speak at different occasions including weddings, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate functions. Do not buy her a wreath, potted plant or stinking flowers for Valentine’s Day.
• Don’t send a woman flowers for every occasion or milestone, otherwise she will grow to expect them and their powers will wear off. Keep her on her toes.
•Relax! Flowers don’t have to mean commitment. Women can tell when an arrangement simply means you care.


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