You will look more polished with less

Friday September 04 2020

By Hassan Ssentongo

Fatumah Asha – Fashion designer

I can’t do without…
My phone. It’s my virtual assistant. That’s how clients reach me. Either phone calls or social media. Also, browsing Instagram and the Internet is one of my sources of inspiration.

I can’t get enough of…
Pearls. If you’re a fan of my work, you know I love pearls. I have never stopped obsessing over them no matter how many times I use them. There’s something special about pearls.

Colours that compliment my appearance are…
Black and white. It surprises many when I say those are my favourite colours. There’s something classic about them, and personally, I gravitate more towards that kind of style. I work with lots of colour, but for myself, I prefer black and white. My closet is filled with black and white.

I feel most comfortable wearing…
A cropped top and jeans. This is like my workwear uniform. As much as my job is to make people look good, it is actually not very glamorous. There is a lot of work involved such as running around town. That’s why I prefer to wear comfortable clothes.
Away from work, I love jumpsuits. They come off as a single piece of clothing. My jumpsuits always come with pockets, and in there, you will find things like scissors and threads. I’m always armed with tools just in case a client needs help.


How long does it take you to dress up?
Just a few minutes. Choosing clothes for people to wear makes the whole routine of doing it yourself become ordinary. I know the colours that work for me. I know the silhouettes that flatter me. So it’ll take me no time to dress up. When it comes to make-up, that will take a while. But I wear simple or no make-up.
What are some of the things that one would find in your bag?
A pair of scissors, needle and threads, lip gloss, a notebook, pen, wallet, phone, charger and mifi.

My style tip for the ladies
Less is more. Accessorising is becoming more of a craze now. You’ll look more polished without lots of things going on here and there. I know it’s hard to convince many women to forego their favourite necklace, but it has to go.