Ask the doctor: Why is my penis abnormally small?

What you need to know:

  • It is true that some men may have small penises (micropenises) related to complications before birth or problems present at birth (congenital).

Although I am a 19 years old, my penis is unusually small. Is there anything I can do medically to increase its size? Grace

Dear Grace,
The penile organ is vital for urination and reproduction. However, many times, penile size is wrongly associated with good reproductive activity, the reason why many people will look at a small penis as being less effective reproductively, hence the desire for a bigger one. This desire could be one wrong reason why the penile expansion industry is thriving.

Many people who think they have a small penis actually have a normal-sized one with normal ability to urinate and reproduce unless there is a related medical condition stopping one from doing so.

The normal length of an erect penis may be 9.3-13cms and around 9.3cms in girth, meaning penile sizes may differ widely depending on individuals and age, among others.

Puberty is when children mature into young adults through physical and emotional changes, among others. In boys, puberty may occur between nine and 14 years of age (lasting about five years) and at 19 years of age, a boy’s penis should have grown to adult size unless there are other problems, especially medical ones.

Therefore, at 19, your penis is unlikely to grow longer or bigger.

At puberty, many children do not know what is happening to their bodies and making comparisons with other children may wrongly lead one to believe that they have a small penis, thinking it may not be sexually effective, which might not be the case. 

Much as penile expansion techniques such as using penis vacuum pumps, stretching of the penis including using weights (jelqing), use of supplements, creams or surgery are in great demand, they are not beneficial. In fact, they could lead to complications, including erection difficulties resulting from scar formation and infections apart from deformation of penis shape, leading to painful sex.

It is true that some men may have small penises (micropenises) related to complications before birth or problems present at birth (congenital) requiring one with such a penis to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of associated conditions if needed.