Can I stop urine from smelling?

Monday March 29 2021

Urine samples: Urine is a liquid by-product of metabolism in humans and in many other animals. PHOTO/HEALTHLINE.COM

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

My urine has a foul smell but only in the morning. What could this be? FM

Dear FM,
Passing gas is healthy with humans doing it 10-23 times a day. However, passing more than 23 times may indicate too much gas in the abdomen with a person then requiring to pass this gas more often.
Urine smell largely depends on one’s diet, use of drugs and the water content in it (concentration). However, it may also be indicative of disease conditions such as a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or prostate infection. 

The body tries to make urine more concentrated during sleep to reduce the need to keep waking up to pee. Also, sweating at night that helps regulate heat may also lead to need to concentrate urine, resulting in smelly, concentrated urine. So, morning urine, which may be more concentrated may have a foul smell. 

Also, what one takes in terms of diet or drugs at night may affect the urine smell in the morning. Prostate infections after one has had sex at night may also lead to morning smelling urine.
You need checking out your urine to rule out other diseases, including infections but taking lots of fluids for a proper fluid balance the whole  day but not only in the morning as many Ugandans do can also be helpful.