Exercise dilemmas: When do you skip a  workout?

Although we are conditioned to avoid pain, in the case of exercise a little discomfort, maybe even a little pain, can make us stronger. PHOTO/shutterstock

What you need to know:

There are those days when for one reason or another you ask yourself whether to work out or not. We look at some of these situations and give advice on what you can do

To keep the body fit and healthy, exercise is important. However, there are times when you have to draw a line between continuing to exercise and taking a rest. 
For instance, Richard Luyima’s job dictates that he starts work at 8:00am and sometimes work up to 7:00pm during the week days. On Saturday, he leaves work at 2:00pm while his only day off is Sunday. Luyima says this tight work schedule causes a lot of fatigue, making working out very hard. 


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