How to soothe cracked hands or feet

There are several factors that contribute to a hard foot sole, including using harsh soaps, a naturally harsh skin, using hot air driers, and age. Emily Subira, a beautician, says some of these easy remedies can help.

Apply ghee or butter
If you do not mind the smell, you can treat cracked hands with ghee or butter. These are very effective remedies for cracked palms and fingers. The ingredients contained therein have enough moisture to keep your hands soft. Apply all over your hand and fingers at night and cover with soft cotton gloves.
While trying to get rid of rough and cracked hands, make sure that you moisturise each time you wash. You need a moisturiser that penetrates deep into the skin to treat the damage. Coconut based or body lotion moisturisers are a good option because they easily get absorbed into the skin and soothe the skin.

Glycerine is also a useful remedy for cracked fingertips. It helps to hold the humidity of your palms and fingers. You can make a solution with equal parts of glycerine and lime juice. Add a few drops of rose water. Do this daily to achieve better results. “Sesame oil can also be used to moisturise the skin and can help prevent infection if the cracks are deep. It also encourages growth of new skin cells,” she says.

Wear gloves
After the above process, you need to keep moisture in your feet by wearing soft gloves and cotton socks while you sleep. This will help lock in the moisture for hours. Subira says, adding: “Maintain regular hand and foot care and depending on how dry your feet get, you can keep soaking a few times a week and continue to moisturise and wearing your socks every night for about once a week.”


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