I always wet my pants after urinating

Monday July 26 2021
By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Doctor,  I am 74 years old but after urinating my pants are made wet by urine yet I take time to shake my penis. I have had my prostate checked out by scan but it is normal. I have never suffered from gonorrhoea common during our time, so is it cancer? Michael, Fort Portal City.
Men after passing urine require to shake their penis to remove urine which usually remains in the urethra but may pour out into their underwear  after urination creating a urine stench that may follow one as he moves along.
Some men even after shaking the penis may still get a urine leak because the urine after its passage has unusually accumulated in the urethra. This so called ‘after dribble’ may happen due to an enlarged prostate, urethral tube may have a pocket which may hold urine (urethral diverticulum), or weakened pelvic floor muscles or muscles within the urethra whose tightening together with shaking the penis help clear the urethra of urine. Prostatitis or prostate inflammation may or may not be seen on the scan but can lead to dribbling.
Pelvic floor exercises as advised by your doctor, sliding and pushing a finger on the underside of the penis from after the scrotum to the penis tip after shaking the penis usually helps clear the urethra of urine hence stopping the ‘after dribble’. Treatment of prostate inflammation, if found can further help.