I get Urinary tract infections every time I travel

Monday September 13 2021
By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Doctor, I travel a lot  but have realised that every time  I travel, I get UTI. Is it okay to prevent this by taking antibiotics before travelling? Winnie Akimanzi

Dear Winnie, 

Urinary tract infection, (UTI) refers to any infection occurring in the urinary tract (urethra, bladder, ureters and kidneys).

Women because of their anatomy which makes bacteria from the anus easily access the urethral opening, coupled with not taking enough fluids to make a woman urinate more to flash germs out of the urinary tract to prevent UTI, risk women UTI.

Unfortunately, while travelling women will avoid taking fluids because they want to pass urine in convenient and clean places which may not be available during travel.

Avoiding taking enough fluids risks UTI.


 Travelling a lot, may contribute to travel stress and anxiety which weakens the body’s immunity so that one may fail to resist infections including urinary tract infections.

Many travelling women over dress with multiple non-cotton panties, hard jeans and jackets which resulting in too much sweating and damp undies also risking UTI. 

Travelling requires a woman to take lots of fluids while avoiding holding urine. Also, one then requires to dress lightly with cotton undergarments to lessen sweat dampening the undergarments.

If you travel for enjoyment and get Urinary tract infections due to sex (honeymoon cystitis) you more than anybody else need to pass urine within 30 minutes after sex to flush out germs that may have been pumped into the urinary tract by sexual activity.