Washing fruits and vegetables

Monday September 14 2020
By Dr Paul Kasenene

How can I wash fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides? –Tracy
Dear Tracy,

Most of the vegetables we eat nowadays have been exposed to herbicides and other chemicals. What makes this worse is the application of these chemicals close to or even after harvesting.
Because vegetables and fruit are vital to our general health, we cannot afford to leave them out of our daily diets. We also cannot say we shall not eat them because the chemicals might pause a health risk. In any case, most of the food we eat, whether grains or animal foods have also been exposed to harmful chemicals. I recommend two potential solutions. 
First, begin to look for organic sources of food that have been grown or reared without or with minimal use of chemicals. When you buy food, avoid those that have visible signs of chemical residues on them. It would be best if you considered growing your food if possible.
Also, whenever you buy fruits and vegetables, wash them extensively to try and remove as much of the harmful chemicals. Begin by washing them thoroughly with water to remove any visible chemical residues. Then soak them in lukewarm water and add baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. This helps to remove and neutralise some of the harmful chemicals. 
The bottom line is, 50 per cent of the food we eat should comprise fruits and vegetables. To keep ourselves safe, we should endeavour to look for those grown in healthier conditions and always clean them extensively to minimise exposure to harmful herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. 

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