What causes my heart to beat fast when I am hungry?

Monday July 26 2021
By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Doctor,  my heart beats real fast these days when I am hungry. The feeling is like I have just been involved in some kind of rigorous exercise.  Do you think I have a heart problem? Edna
Normally we are not aware of our heart beating but we may feel the heart beating (palpitations). It (heart) will sometimes beat faster, more strongly or irregularly.
Many times, palpitations may be harmless happening after a physical activity, but may happen to anyone from time to time especially if one is scared, stressed, has anaemia, high blood pressure, a heart disease and in disease conditions involving the thyroid gland among other conditions.
Many diabetics get palpitations because drugs have caused a serious drop in blood sugar which results in a release of stress hormones that may cause hunger, sweating, weakness, tremors and may also speed up or make the heart pump strongly hence the palpitations.
A drop in sugar levels may also happen when one is fasting or for any other reason is not having regular meals.
If you are diabetic, there is need to adjust your doses of drugs with the help of your doctor but if not diabetic, you need to have more  regular meals to avoid sugar falling too low.