What causes recurrent infections?

What you need to know:

  • Unfortunately, one has to keep taking the drugs to control the itching whenever it appears.

For close to five years, I have been living with an infection which I have tried to treat but none of the medications I am given work. Please offer a permanent solution because the itching is unbearable. Patience 

Dear Patience,
That irritating skin sensation that makes one want to scratch is what is called an itch. 
Much as you think the itching may be due to a serious infection, it is likely that the cause is not an infection. Skin itching may be caused by serious medical conditions including liver disease or may be due to an allergy (eczema or psoriasis).

It is important that anyone who complains of body itching is properly investigated by a medical worker so that the cause is found and eliminated. Many times, the cause of itching may not be found, hence resorting to merely giving drugs which may temporarily stop the itching because the cause has not been addressed.

Unfortunately, one has to keep taking the drugs to control the itching whenever it appears and this could be the reason why the problem has affected you for a long time (close to five years). Visit a doctor, preferably a skin specialist, to help identify the cause of your problem and deal with it.

Meanwhile, identify and avoid items or conditions that may be causing or worsening the itching (drugs, foods, clothes and chemicals the body may come in contact with). 

It is also necessary to avoid scratching because the nails will cut into the skin, risking infections.

Reduction of stress and anxiety is also a must because they are known to increase skin itching. 

Taking a bath using lukewarm water and drying yourself quickly because water, whether cold or warm, may cause or worsen itching (aquagenic urticaria), may also be necessary.


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