Why do I easily get a cold?

Monday July 19 2021
By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Please explain why I easily get a flu, especially when I interact with an infected person. Ajok

Dear Ajok,
Whereas flu is a slang for a common cold that may be caused by various viruses including human coronaviruses or rhinoviruses, to Ugandans any runny or stuffy nose will still be termed as flu even when it may not be. 

It is true that some people may be more vulnerable to the flu bug than others so that they may easily catch it on exposure to the bug (when the infected person sneezes, coughs, sings, talks or contaminates surfaces and one gets exposed through breathing in the virus or touching the mouth, nose, or eyes with contaminated hands). 
Even when one is vulnerable, there has to be time taken for the virus to take root and lead to symptoms in what is called an incubation period which is usually around two days.

Flu-like symptoms may happen due to a nasal allergy so that when you meet a person with nasal symptoms and immediately get the same symptoms, you may have also been exposed to the same thing you are also allergic to. Visit a doctor for a checkup to avoid complications.