Will vaccine save me from painful mask?

Monday February 22 2021

A man wearing a mask in an effort to minimise the spread of Covid-19. PHOTO/AP.

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

I look forward to getting vaccinated against Covid-19 since I am uncomfortable wearing a mask.  Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Many people think that by getting immunised then they are unlikely to get Covid-19. However, the vaccines are not 100 per cent effective, meaning that one could be among the few who may not be saved by the immunisation. 

Unfortunately, many people believe that even one shot is protective. They may therefore stop following standard operating procedures, ending up getting infected and infecting the unsuspecting others. They may also think the vaccine is fake. 

Apart from a shot taking time to build protection, one requires a booster three to four weeks after the first shot to have good protection. 

Still, after getting the booster dose, one requires washing hands often or sanitising, avoiding crowds, wearing a mask while in public and avoiding touching their face. 

This is because the vaccine is not 100 per cent protective but even when one is protected, they may still get a mild Covid infection that may lead to long haul chronic symptoms apart from infecting the unsuspecting others.


Can a child’s blood group be different from the father’s?

I am blood group AB+ but my child is blood group O negative like his mother. Is it possible I am not the father? Byabagambi 

Dear Byabagambi,
If the mother is blood group O minus and you are blood group AB plus, your children should be blood group B or A plus or minus.
It is true that some laboratories may make mistakes and give wrong results requiring that you carry out more tests such as a DNA paternity test.
It would also be better for you to repeat the blood group test at another trusted laboratory.