Beauty and security – the perfect window

Wednesday April 14 2021

You can combine beauty and security in a window. PHOTO/

By Joan Salmon

Burglar proofing is a phenomenon most homeowners have adopted in a bid to keep thieves and any other intruders out. However, while many have gone all out to keep their homes secure, the window has lost beauty. Can we have both security and beauty, in one package?

Jane Werikhe, an iron welder says that is possible because there are various ways to beautify your burglar proof. Here are things to consider in order to make this happen;

Make a choice

There are several burglar proofing designs and some options will accentuate the space. “It is not a one-size-fits-all, therefore a homeowner needs to be objective in picking the ideal design. However, some people do not care about design, mainly driven by the need to keep intruders out. That is why suggestions from the welder will come in handy,” shares Isa Katumba, a welder.

Werikhe says there are several decorative designs such as flower shapes, and oval shapes that clients can always pick from. “If the client does not know them, a welder could make suggestions to the client so that they are enlightened about their options,”  she says.

Consider the colour


When painting your burglar proof, Aloysius Nangosha, an interior designer, says it is important to consider the colours you are using. “These should be in sync or beautifully contrast with the rest of the colours within the house. That way, the burglar proof will not stand out like a sore thumb but accentuate the looks of the space,” says Nangosha

Keep it uniform

Inasmuch as there are several beautiful burglar proof designs, it does one’s interior no good to have one design on windows and another on the doors. Katumba shares that for beauty and a sense of harmony,  having one design on both the doors and windows is best.

“The similarity should be in shape, colour, design material gauge and make, to avoid a chaotic look within the interior says Katumba

Complement the burglar proofing

In case you have already purchased your window burglar proof and there is nothing beautiful about it, you need not despair because you can change the look with climbing plants. Myra Kitone, a florist, shares that potted plants can be hung at the windows while vines can creep on the burglar proofing , using it as a trellis. “Nature has a way of bringing life and beauty to spaces and it will do the same for your window burglar proofing.”

Metal gauge

Werikhe says the gauge of the metals being fabricated to make the burglar proofing matters a lot. “Security wise, the thicker the gauge, the stronger the burglar proof. On the side of beauty, a smaller gauge (less than 2mm) easily rusts which destroys the general outlook of the burglar proof.” She says that people are always looking for better bargains but it is impossible to get a 5mm burglar proof at anything less than Shs750,000. “With such a gauge, you are certain that all angles are covered,” she adds.

Easy to clean

The ideal burglar proof ing design should be easy to clean. Lamech Kityo, a cleaner, says burglar proofing that is complicated is not easy to clean because it is impossible for one’s hand to go through while some have rough edges yet the spaces are narrow.

“In such instances, there will be dust and dirt build-up, moreso at the joints which makes the place look bad,” says Kityo. He urges homeowners to go for simple yet beautiful designs rather than intricate and compact ones.

Samwiri Muwanguzi, a homeowner, advises using small brushes such as a toothbrush to get rid of dirt. Frequent cleaning also helps to keep dust from caking in the joints.

“That said, welders should leave at least six inches between the burglar proof and the glass to ease cleaning of windows as it allows for the movement of one’s hand as they clean.”

When cleaning, it is important to totally wipe the burglar proof so that no water remains as this can cre Costing

Werikhe believes that it is possible to have beauty and security with your burglar proofing. However, she says it is important to remember that cost is determined by the complexity of the design, and the amount of material needed. “More to that, the amount of decorative pieces to use could push up the price depending on how many they are. Having such knowledge helps one better prepare when they are choosing the design of their burglar proof,” she notes.ate rust which dents their strength.