Cost friendly ways to revamp your space this holiday

There is nothing cosier than the glow of twinkling Christmas lights in one’s living space.  PHOTO/Promise Twinamukye.

What you need to know:

As the holiday approaches, the anticipation let alone its arrival can feel chaotic, considering the suggestive revamp items on one’s to do list

The holiday surely conjures expectations of cosiness and reminiscent scents of homemade pastries, which is why you cannot go wrong with just a few interior fixtures.

 Here are some suggestive tips on how to spruce up your space with a few upgrades, quick fixes and expertise.


“Utilisation of space to suit the aesthetic function enables you handle decorative fixtures in your space,” tips Isaac Shaka, an interior designer at Chic Designers.

He suggests an operational de-clutter on the unnecessary items in one’s space as the simplest, and even better cost friendly mechanism to prepare one’s interior for the festive holiday.

While at it, you can retain the memorable items of sentimental value and simplify the materials in your space for instance bringing in different shapes of vases or rag changes definitely creates a low budget but leaves a statement, he says.

Shaka predicts a timeframe of about two weeks as the shortest period to get a quick revamp for the holidays.

He adds, “Unlike a small space that requires minimalism, an evenly large housing would require a budget of about Shs 10,000,000 to give it a deserving and yet timely touch for the holiday celebrations.”

Shaka also recommends homeowners to delegate a professional interior designer to save themselves for the heat and panic for last minute revamps.

Starting with the simple things, one can opt to include throw pillows, blankets, bar cart for guests’ cocktail gatherings, and affordable wall art that displays seasonal colours.

You can also update your family photos for visiting relatives to view your year in a nutshell.

Away from the traditional placement of Christmas trees in lounges, you can opt to have it stand in your bedroom corner which makes staying in bed all day easier

Another way to pull off a low budget look for your living space is inviting nature inside through mini-tree plant species, orchids, wooden bowl of apples or even keep cut wood on display at the fireplace.


 There is nothing cosier than the glow of twinkling Christmas lights in one’s living space.

Hassan Mutebi, an electrical technician at Chint electrical urges homeowners to opt for lamps that resonate with their occupants festive expectations.

He shares, “You can drape doors and your entry way with little light details but ensure to keep it minimal as they are more functional for decorating than visualising.

The light expert says these lights create continuity when embedded on Christmas trees as disco lights which sets the festive mood.

You can also include red and green coloured scented candles for a smothering touch of light that diffuses the atmosphere with festive appetites at diners.

This goes well together with dazzling drippings of chandeliers centralized at the top of the meal spaces.

“These twinkling lights are a good buy and trend for the season as they keep transitioning colours according to one’s mood and choice and require a budget estimate of Shs. 150,000 dependant on type of light system.”

Mutebi estimates a period of three to five days to install light fixtures.

 He shares; it requires a budget estimate of Shs. 50,000 to seek repair from a light technician rather than an electrician because the technical person identifies best with the installed products.


Repainting is quite time consuming regardless of whether you DIY or involve a paint technician.

This project would rather have you including warm cosy colours in other room items which are just a buy away from your nearest store making you ready to host festivities.

According to the interior expert colour choices help you make the most out of the season celebrations.

“Include festive colours or a dash of paint on kitchen cabinets or a flower vase in blue, white, green, red or gold. Sentimental value should be awarded to colour choices such as blue which identifies with calmness, nature and tranquillity.”

You can also update a bookshelf, side table in rich inviting colour. You can paint the inside of your closet or add colourful accessories such as curtain rods, cushions among others at pocket friendly rates.


According to Arthur Nsangi, a plumber, it is good to do regular plumbing checks in your homestead to avoid abrupt leakages.

“Ensure to always invite a professional to tighten and re-install new appliances after every six months to avoid rush hour fixtures. You can also ensure to install good quality products in your housing to avoid costly and time consuming repairs,” he explains.

Nsangi also cautions users to refrain from DIY plumbing mechanisms which can distort the pipe work as some acids burn up the fixtures.


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