How to weather proof your walls

Wednesday May 12 2021

Extreme weather affects wall paint. PHOTO/

By Shabibah Nakirigya

The rainy season is here, bringing along some of the usual house problems, which includes wall paint peeling off in a short period of time. Mr Jamil Kalungi, a house painter, says that this is a general problem although home occupants identify it during the rainy season.  He explains why it happens:


Mr Kalungi says that weather is one of the main reasons why wall paint peels off and it is a natural problem that cannot be controlled, it is better to know the average temperatures of your area so that you can select the most appropriate paint to avoid losses.  Some paints tend to dry up so quickly and they end on peeling off so rapidly.

“The high temperatures can also cause peeling when the paint is not compatible with that environment, so it is advisable to first consult the expert on suitable paint before buying so that you can avoid such mistakes,” he says

According to Kalungi, even extremely cold weather can cause paint peeling because if the place is very cold, the walls starts shrinking and eventually the paint cracks because it cannot hold anymore.

“This normally happens when the house is  constructed in the wetlands, the moment the wall becomes  weak, the plaster peels off  and then the paint also starts fading because it loosens from the wall ,”he says 


He adds that it is advisable to always use undercoat while painting because it helps to create a strong and firm surface before applying the final layer.

“If there is too much wetness on the surface, it results in poor ventilation system on the floor  and the wetness normally  destroys the paint  by separating it from the wall, but you could also ask for the paint which is suitable for wet areas,” he says  

Poorly painted

 Mr Kalungi says that poor application of paint also cause peeling off because paint cannot hold for long when the foundation is not done properly.If you want your paint to stay for long you have to make sure that you have applied several layers before the final layer. 

“You have to consult the expert about   the different areas you want to paint such as the interior, exterior and ceiling. There is specific paint for outdoors. You need to apply heavy layers because of the weather.  When you are painting a ceiling, you have to make sure that you apply light paint because it can fall off immediately,” he says

 Kalungi adds that even the material used to apply paint can be a problem. Some brushes are not good enough to apply the final layer because it requires neatness and patience while applying it. Brushes used differ depending on the surface.

Wrong surfaces

Kalungi says that it is advisable to always prepare the surface well before starting the painting process although you have to apply several layers but it’s a must to clean it first.

“Some people take long to paint their houses because they occupy them when they are unfinished and by the time they finish them the walls are already dirty and some have developed molds which are not good for the walls. Therefore you have to first make sure that the walls are neat,” he says.

He adds that mold can penetrate the already painted walls and automatically destroy your surface.  This is where it starts to peel because the mold keeps on growing.

“It is advisable to clean your walls and leave them to dry up before applying the paint, you can also look for water leakages because mold survives on water,” he says  

 Even if you are doing house renovation, you need to first clean the walls because they always have some dust.

Substandard works

Mr Kalungi says that using substandard material can also cause the peel off, make sure you ask the expert for the genuine paint which can take long without fading. 

“This normally happens when you want to move in and you do not have enough money to buy genuine paint, people usually go for cheap works and they end up re-doing the paint in a very short period of time,”he notes.

Kalungi also recommends hiring professionals for paint jobs. Fake painters do not understand how important it is to make the right choice of paint and tools