Lights and lampshades

Wednesday March 31 2021

Beautiful lamp designs enhance the beauty of your home. PHOTO/Promise Twinamukye

By Promise Twinamukye

Gone are the days when bulbs only served the purpose of lighting. Nowadays, they are more than sources of light; they also serve aesthetic purposes.

Here is what you need to know before you go on a lamp shopping trip.


Buying lampshades goes hand in hand with bulbs, which light them up.  While the bulbs give light, lampshades create the ambiance of light in the room.

There are ordinary bulbs, rechargeable bulbs,  and energy savers such as LED bulbs. A  simple detail one needs to know is that there are screw and pin bulbs. So, you need to check your bulb handle before you buy one.

Ordinary bulbs give light only when power is available and they go out once power blacks out.


Rechargeable bulbs on the other hand, do more. John Kamoga, a dealer in electronic appliances at Mirembe electricals in Nakasero market, says the rechargeable bulbs light just as the plain bulbs do  , but also recharge in the process.

“This one keeps lighting for up to four hours even when there is a blackout, because it had already charged when power was on,” Kamoga says.

He adds that they are not breakable, in case you accidentally drop it to the ground, unlike the other ordinary light bulbs. Kamoga recommends buying  LED because of their low consumption of electricity, thus making it cost-friendly for electricity bills.


The quality determines the price of the bulb. So before you talk about the price you feel is right, it is best you first ask the seller to show you the lights. “When you talk about your price, the seller may just give you a bulb that fits just that price and you miss out on the genuine stuff,” he says.


These mainly come in glass with unique finishing. However, they have also been localised to paper, thread, among other crafts.

According to Margaret Nabaloga, a sales person, lampshades are styled differently and mostly, the art and size determines the price.

There are glass lampshades which give off different colours, depending on the shade you need in your house.

These lampshades are also washable when they get dirty.

There are also lampshades made of fabric, which are easy to maintain.

Then there are energy savers that light as well as give off a stylish shape for the house without a light bulb.

Nabaloga advises that dim lights should be situated in the bedrooms to create a relaxed ambiance as you drift off to sleep as well as bedside lamps and maybe the living room. 

Nabaloga advises that bright lights should be installed in corridors, kitchen and bathrooms.


The cost ranges between Shs5, 000 to Shs35, 000 or above.

The prices of lampshades depend on the size and the design they are made of.

Glass lampshades range from Shs60, 000, to Shs100, 000.

Paper designed lampshades cost Shs20, 000 and above.

Fabric and threaded lampshades start from Shs30, 000 and above.

These prices are for lamps in shops around Nakasero Market in Kampala and most lamp show rooms.