Liven up your living space with an automatic air freshener 

An air freshener helps in removing these odours . PHOTO/courtesy

What you need to know:

Get the confidence of knowing that your home is always fresh, even when unexpected guests arrive. Automatic air fresheners help prevent odours from occurring in the first place

To walk in to a room and be greeted by a good fragrance is a wonderful feeling. Whenever we enter any kind of room, the first and most immediate sense engaged, is the sense of smell.

I recently attended a friend’s house warming party, and once I entered the house, I immediately noticed the entire house was filled with a mild but pleasant scent that reminded me of a five star hotel.

On asking what it was, my friend pointed at the automatic air freshener diffuser, she hang in a corner of her living room wall.  

Over the years, air freshener sprays have been used to freshen up rooms in homes, offices and so on.

An air freshener spray is manually sprayed into the air every other time to keep the room smelling fresh.

However, with the advent of technology, the manual spraying of air freshener, has been replaced by automatic air freshener dispensers.

All you have to do is place the automatic air freshener dispenser in a room and it will automatically spray continuous bursts of the fresh fragrance into your living space at regular intervals.

These air fresheners are mostly operated with the help of infrared ray coding technology. These automatic air fresheners are designed to add a long-lasting, fresh fragrance to any room, be it a bathroom, hallways, kitchens, or office spaces, every minute or every hour depending on how you have set the device.

How to install an automatic air freshener machine 

The air freshener dispenser is usually sold as a kit. The box will contain, an air freshener dispenser machine,  two fragrance refill bottles and two double AA batteries, which power the air freshener machine.

First, make sure the machine is switched off.

Then, open the dispenser usually from the front, and insert one of the automatic airfrehsener refill bottles inside the dispenser.

Follow instructions provided, on how to open the dispenser. Make sure that, the nozzle on the fragrance refill can is facing outwards. Close the dispenser.

Put the batteries in the battery compartment provided.

Turn on the machine on and wait for 15 seconds to see if the unit automatically starts to spray the air freshener.       

 Using the same switch, set the spraying time interval of your choice, the time interval spray settings, vary with each model.

For example, the Air Scents airfrehsener dispenser, provides three spraying intervals. The 36 minutes spray interval, where the air freshener automatically sprays the fragrance into the room every 36 minutes, the18 minutes spray interval, and the nine minutes interval.

Note that the shorter the time interval, the faster your airfrehsener spray runs out, so if you want it to last longer you better off choosing a longer time interval.

The Air classic machine on the other hand has the 24 hour option, the day option, where it automatically switches its self-off when it’s dark and the night option which operates when lights are off. 

When the spray bottle runs out, replace it with another one, you can choose to replace it with the same fragrance or a different one, refills are always available in super markets, in a variety of fragrances.


No manual operations needed as the time can be set for automatic spraying and the scent will be sprayed after the set minutes throughout the day.

You can find all sorts of different scents in today’s market to freshen up your living space. Some air freshener refills like the Air Scents Refills, can fit in any other auto spray machine besides the Air Scents automatic spray machine.        

Another major benefit of automatic fresheners is that they can be installed anywhere. Most of them can be hanged or even attached to a wall surface. It can be placed in the car as well.

Lastly, automatic air fresheners, also improve room aesthetics.

Air fresheners are now becoming an addition to interior décor, with every product manufactured to match interior design. Many areas like public washrooms now have a consistent look with matching products aimed to complement their style.

This helps to boost the user’s impression of the washroom, and subsequently improve the experience of the people that may enter the area in which the fresheners are installed in.

Where can I buy an automatic Air Freshener? 

Automatic air freshener kits are sold in all supermarkets, they can be found in Carrefour supermarket Lugogo and Capital Shoppers Nakawa and all Quality Supermarket brunches. There are a variety of brands on the market like Air Scents, Air Classic, Smatmatic Stella Perfumist, Air Wick and Glade automatic air fresheners. The Air scents kit costs Shs111, 000, 100ml refill sprays cost Shs14, 000. The Stella Perfumist automatic air freshener costs Shs65,000 and the refill sprays cost Shs15, 700. The Air Classic machines cost 38,000, the refill sprays cost Shs11,200. Air Wick automatic spray costs Shs50,000, refills cost Shs17,000.     


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