Make your living room bigger with light and colour

Small houses usually seem to have insufficient space but there is always a way one can fix everything without making it look congested.
Your living room, regardless of size, should be able to function as a space for relaxation and entertaining. Here are some ways to make it feel more spacious.

The furniture
Tasha Sanyu, an interior designer at Beau Décor, says building a lay out from the corner going outwards using a sectional or corner sofa will help save the space since it will only be occupying one corner of the room.
She further says instead of congesting the rooms with small furniture that will take up more space, opt for bigger beautiful furniture. This way, you will need a few pieces leaving enough space for other items.
“If one needs more furniture, small armless chairs are an alternative because the smaller the arms, the more space saved hence increasing the space in a small room,” says Sanyu.

The floor
Jacklyn Biira, an interior designer at Spaces by Jacklyn, advises people to be aware of the kind of floor the house possesses and decorate it according to its plan. For instance, most houses are built with a conjoined living room and dining section. Ensure that the division is not visible because if you do, the room will appear cluttered.
She says people always prefer covering up the floor with carpets but if the floor looks nice, It is better to leave it bare.

Multipurpose furniture
Instead of using a variety of furniture, buy one that can serve many purposes such as tables with shelves, convertible coffee tables and many more. Sanyu says one can replace a centre table with an Ottoman, which can be used as a table or a seat in case there is a shortage of chairs.
“You can also replace the corner table and storage stand with a small chest of drawers which can store items such as pictures, antiques and act as storage for magazines, remote controls, keys, CDs and many more,” says sanyu.

The walls
Biira says a person who owns a small living room should embrace the use of wallpaper with an interesting pattern since this will bring more life into the room. She also says having wall hangings and mirrors on the wall will make the room appear larger. She, however, cautions that the mirror should be placed directly opposite the window so that the light can bounce back into the room to make it appear larger.

Biira says for the space to be more appealing and have an illusion of more space, add unusual items such as chandeliers. She advises that one should paint the room with bright colours.
Also, the colour of the items in the house should blend with the painting so as to avoid making the already bright room dull. Furniture of same colour but different shades as that of the wall would do.

Designers often place mirrors strategically in small places to make them feel larger. One of the most common small living room ideas is to hang a large mirror in a central location to create a focal point.
To reflect light and add a nice ambiance, put it behind a light source such as a candle or pendant lamp. If possible, position a mirror across from your window so it will reflect the view and give the illusion of another window.


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