Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Wednesday January 13 2021

Mirrors create focal points which are a key factor in balancing out visual qualities of a room. PHOTO/spruce.

By Daily Nation

The every-day importance of a mirror cannot be overstated. Be it checking for a smudge of toothpaste in the corner of your mouth before dashing out of the house or navigating a busy road as a driver, this ancient invention has stood the test of time due to its multiple styles and utility value.

When installed in the home, mirrors stand out as an interior design staple due to their ability to reflect light and alter the characteristics of a room almost instantly. They create the illusion of a bigger or brighter room, making all the difference in a dimly lit space such as a narrow hallway or bathroom. Here are a few ways mirrors can be used to improve the quality of your home.

Make a room appear bigger

The most common use of a mirror is to enlarge a space without physically altering its dimensions.

Unlike their use in gyms or dance studios, where they serve a more motivational function as a tool to inspect the physical form, here they appear to expand the space within a home by making it seem much larger than it really is by providing an optical illusion. The larger the panels, the better.

Brighten a room


By bouncing light around the room onto adjacent walls, mirrors can also reduce the use of artificial light in your home and serve as a power saver. Placing a mirror directly across the room from your window is a sure way to reflect natural light and brighten any room during daytime hours.

Create focal points in a room

The eye-catching qualities of a mirror are almost unmatched. In interior design, focal points are a key factor in balancing out the visual qualities of a room. In the absence of an architectural focal point such as a large window or interesting design, the largest piece of furniture in the room will often serve as the room’s centre of focus. However, just as a large television would serve as an immediate point of focus, a similarly sized mirror with fascinating details can also draw attention to one side of the room.

Place it opposite a feature wall to accentuate its details or above another architectural feature such as a fireplace to complement its focal value.

Conceal poor design elements

As you seek a permanent solution for a design flaw within your home, mirrors can effectively cover up these cracks and holes to buy you time and retain the aesthetic quality of the room.

Increase property value

Homes with mirrors can attract potential buyers or tenants due to a variety of benefits. One unlikely benefit is that they provide the illusion of security by giving the resident a view around their walls, identifying culprits that may otherwise be missed within these blind spots.

When placed in a bathroom, they make this space appear more stylish and bright, especially if the mirror’s design is customised to suit its purpose, such as intriguing shapes, LED lights and even fog-free variants. Mirrors can also serve as a fashion statement, adding a dash of style to your closet space or entryway where they would also be most useful.