Multipurpose beds that maximise space

Mulipupose beds can help you free up space in a small house. PHOTO/

What you need to know:

When you have a limited amount of household space and many items to fit into it, there are ways to best utilise what space you do have. Multipurpose beds offer several functions. 

Space scarcity is a problem in almost every household, regardless of the size. While those in smaller houses may be more affected, even in a very big house, if one is a hoarder, the odds are they will soon run out of space. “That causes chaos and disorganisation in the space as things just seem to be everywhere. We also need to remember that storage is not about just about finding an empty space to just dump things. The ultimate goal is to find an organised and practical way to store things away,” Adrian Obonyo, an interior designer at MacFaj Concepts,says.

Therefore, with buying more storage space out of the question, we need to look at other ways such as working with multifunctional beds.

“These will ease storage in our bedrooms, well aware that in these spaces, there is never enough storage space,” Obonyo says. 

Grace Mukasa, a designer adds that multifunctional beds usually have several drawers or space beneath the mattress to allow for storage. “They are a great storage alternative, even for those that do not want to add chests of drawers or dressers within the room.”

Here are various ways to make use of such beds;

In children’s rooms

When working with minimal space, Mukasa says getting a little creative is imperative. For example, when in need of desk space, rather than have a headboard that is simply for beauty, get one that is functional. “It could have space for books as well as a pull down to help in transitioning the bed into a study,” the designer says. 

With limited space, it might be impossible to add another bed . That is why having one that can be pulled from right beneath the other is great. “This is a better deal compared to a double decker bed because when the bed is not in use, it can be pushed back, making the place look spacious,” Obonyo shares.

Even when you make a bunk bed, he says rather than the ‘fire truck’ kind of stairs, put a real stair so that you can turn the sides into a bookshelf. “Do not forget to add a bench for easy reading. If that is not possible, then put cushioning on the stairs so the little ones can sit comfortably,” he advises.

Looking to maximise space, Peter Lwassa, a carpenter, says it is better to look at either building or placing your bunk beds into the corner. “Having customised bunk beds that are built within the space is ideal as you work to suit your space rather than trying to negotiate with the bed to fit into the space. That way, you can incorporate a book shelf between the beds, add cubbies for every individual bed while also adding drawers beneath the beds at the bottom for extra belongings,” advises Lwassa.

This set up can work even for children not interested in play rooms as they have room to put special items such as trinkets, and photo frames in their cubbies.

 However, bunk beds are not just for children as adults can also use them and they work well for hosting. However, Lwassa says it is important to ensure there is enough headroom which means the upper bunk is a lot higher than it would be for children. “That way, one can sit up straight up. More to that, with adult bunk beds, stick with neutral colours because you are not certain what each likes. That said, with such a set up, you can have drawers right beneath to allow storage ease,” he says.

Another option for multifunctional beds are Murphy beds and they are hidden in the wall and pulled down to form a comfortable bed at the end of the day. “They are a great choice for anyone who needs the extra room during the daytime, but still needs to offer their guests a comfortable place to sleep for the night,” Obonyo shares.

 Such beds can also work in small apartment because clearly, these have little space to waste and if you must make room for your guests, looking to Murphy beds is ideal. “With these, you will enjoy the bliss of a king sized bed then fold it back during the day. The cabin holding the bed can also have a cupboard on one end which works well for more storage,” Mukasa shares.

She says one could also customise their bed as is done in a small home where the beds are more like loft beds. “With building up, you can make drawers beneath the bed that can store more than you would with a normal bed. This works well for people in bachelor pads.”


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