Re-imagine your space without last year’s clutter

Wednesday January 13 2021
By Shabibah Nakirigya

It is a new year and people could still be in a mood of re-organising their lives; some through resolutions such as building a home or moving out of their parent’s house. But regardless  of the place one stays, there are tendencies that ought to have stayed in years before this. The commonest of these is clutter, especially in the bedroom.

Everyone has a bit of junk around the house – and the majority of us have more than a little. Household clutter seems harmless. But many people feel stressed and like life is out of control when they surround themselves with more things than they can manage.

Decluttering is one sure way of not only helping your space but  also improving your health. Yet, most people find the process stressful and  thus postpone it. 

However, besides having an organized home after sorting all those clothes, paper and plastic, here are more reasons you need to declutter this year.

Creating more space

Diana Kabagabe an interior designer says, one of the main reason why people declutter their house is to create more space in their house. More space in the house is very important because it allows natural air circulation besides making the house appear organized.


“When your house is packed, it looks untidy even when everything is in order. It is advisable to remove worn out items that you no longer use so that they do not occupy space for no reason,” she says.

She says that you have to look around your house and ask yourself if you need and use everything you have because too much stuff makes your house uncomfortable and boring.

“To create space, you may need to start with the most used areas and items because they are normally packed considering that people keep buying newer things on top of what already exists,”  she says adding that one needs to start with the store and bedroom.

Declutter for newer ideas

Besides creating space, Kabagabe says that decluttering gives one a chance to focus on their preferred items in the house. She says, often, in a cluttered space, people will buy items they will at times forget in the mix.

“When you declutter, you get to keep only things you use regularly, but you could also use the opportunity to style your space differently,” she says.

She notes that with enough research, one can easily declutter and also reimagine their space into something that is trendy and comfortable.

Often, people don’t want to let some items go, this could be because of the sentiments they have towards the items. Kabagabe however, advises that it is healthy to let things go to create room for better ones.

  “People keep items for many reasons but for many they are memorabilia. But time comes when they have to let go of these items especially when they want a new look for the space,’” she says.

Kabagabe says letting things go could be the beginning of turning a leaf. For instance, some people may not notice that they need a new set of chairs since they still have an older set, yet getting rid of them will push them to buy a new one.

The beauty about decluttering is that it could benefit both you and someone else, for instance, some of the items you may seek to replace may be too old for you but useful for someone else.

Brings order and easy to spot things
Kabagabe says that decluttering brings order to the house. After removing the worn-out items you get space for the remaining  items in the house and it makes it easier to get them when you want to use them .
“When everything is in order in the house it looks tidy and charming and sometimes makes rooms to look bigger than when they are packed. When you have your items in order you do not waste time to look for items you want to use,” she says. 
Kabagabe adds that when everything is in order they do not get spoilt because they will always be organised and safe. You do not need to unpack your items.