Repurposing knitwear

Wednesday March 24 2021

Knitwear can enhance the beauty of your planters

Tea cosy

That beautiful woollen sweater may have got a hole on one side, but that is not reason to toss it in the bin. Rather, Angela Birungi, an interior designer, says, make a fashion statement with tea cosy. "If you are the kind that prefers a classic tea pot, then this should interest you. Not only will it bring beauty but also uniqueness to your tea ensemble. With wool acting as a great insulator, your tea will always be ready for your guests or family members.”

Cozy cup

To a tea lover and a coffee lover, nothing beats a brew of tea and coffee respectively. However, we can make the moment even more enjoyable by creating a ‘cozy’ for it. The same can be done for your portable cup. “So cut some inches of a sweater sleeve depending on the cup length and using glue, attach it to the cup. You may also decide to add some accessories such as buttons. Tea or coffee time will become an even more intimate moment,” Birungi, who is also a tailor, shares.


Rather than have a side table, a pouf could be your alternative. “This cushioned footstool can be made out of your old sweater and will afford your feet that much needed rest. These can be made when you transition your old sweater to carry an insert made from polyester or fabric fibrefill. With not so much work and few expenses to buy the fill, you will be good to go,” Rene Mukiibi, a crocheting enthusiast, shares. Depending on how well you fill the sweater, you can also use it to hold your snacks, plants, books, and other small items. That means, it can work well in place of a traditional coffee table.


Dryer balls

For those that have a washer and dryer, you will agree that if there was anything to cut back on dryer time, you would go for it. Well, Jenice Nakirya, a mother, found out that dryer balls do this. “The environment friendly option is an alternative to cloth softener and will cut back on drying time as well as reduce wrinkles in your clothes. While these are sold at stores, you can make some for yourself using old sweaters or woollen socks,” she shares. To get your own balls, Nakirya says you will wrap yarn around the sweaters or socks until they are totally covered.

“That way, even if you were making dryer balls at home, you would save on the amount of yarn needed. Seeing that they do not have the sweat smell store dryer balls have, put some drops of your favourite essential oil into the balls before putting them in the dryer.”

Felted blanket

When you are curling up before the TV screen on a chilly afternoon, a light blanket will make the time even cozier. Rather than buy one, Mukiibi says you can make it from old knitwear. “Sew squares of various felted sweaters together for colour variations. It can also work well as gift. To turn a woollen sweater into a felted one, wash it in hot water and dry it using the hottest temperature. Felted material is easier to work with as it is thicker. But more to that, it is warm hence ideal for a blanket,” she explains.


Rather than the wooden coasters we have got acquainted to, with used knitwear, we can have woollen coasters. “Using felted sweater, we can cut the material to your ideal size and you will have coasters. Felted material is ideal because it is also waterproof,” Mukiibi shares.


Sweaters usually have textures that come off as decoration. If these are turned into pillow covers, Nakirya says they will enhance the beauty of the room. “The secret is to turn the sweater inside out to stitch it up. For the right size, use a pillow as a point of reference. Upon turning back to normal, you may add some flowers, buttons or any other accessories to further beautify it,” she shares. Sweaters are soft, so you will have cozy cushions. Just do not forget to leave room to slip the pillow inside.

Dress up those candles

We have had one look since the start of the year and it is time to redecorate. However, rather than throw money away in the name of buying new decor, Birungi asks, “why not use that old sweater to breath fresh air into your living room.?” For example, your sweater sleeves can dress up your candles. ”You can always wash them and reuse hence easing interior redecoration.”

Glam the planter

Glam up the planter

Without a doubt, a plant in a terracotta planter is already beautiful enough and adds vibrancy to any room. Nonetheless, Nakirya says adding a sweater wrap around the planter makes it look Christmas everyday. With a hot glue gun, fasten the sweater, which has been cut to the required size to the planter.”

Give those bottles character

After emptying those wine bottles of their contents, it is not wise to throw them. “As you repurpose them, a sweater sleeve could be your best friend. Glue it on the bottle using a hot gun, sew a few buttons to accentuate the plain sweater look with buttons. Thereafter, stand them in your living room to enhance its look,” Birungi shares.