The building tools and materials you need

What you need to know:

When building, the tools and materials you use will vary according to the stage you are working on. These tools and materials are explained below.

When the time comes and you want to kick-start your home construction, it is important to have an idea of how much the materials cost to enable you have a proper budget.
Below are some of the common materials and their prices.

There are some tools you need at the initial stage of construction and these are explained below.
Wheelbarrows cost about Shs110,000 though they could be cheaper or expensive depending on quality. Pangas are about Shs8,000, Pick axe used to excavate the foundation trenches cost about Shs17,000 each.
Hoes cost about Shs12,000, spades go for Shs17,000 each, a 20 litre Jerrycan costs Shs6,500. Sledge hummers mostly to crush hardcore, or concrete they in various sizes and range from Shs30,000 toShs80,000.

Ordinary Portland cement goes for averagely Shs32,000, while clay bricks cost around Shs150 per brick.
A trip of lake sand of a 12-ton truck commonly known as magulu kummi costs between Shs400,000 to Shs500,000, whereas a 12-ton truck plaster or pit sand will cost about Shs450,000. Crushed stones cost about Shs45,000 to Shs50,000 per ton for the machine crushed ones, whereas the hand-crushed cost about sh35,000 to sh40,000 a ton, hardcore stones cost averagely Shs370,000 for a twelve ton truck.

Steel bars (iron bars) used majorly as slab reinforcements and the sizes differ as per drawings but the commonly used are of diameter 16mm costing Shs48,000 and above, 12mm cost Shs27,000, 10mm about Shs18,000.
The bars are used for making stirrup or rings used to fasten the main bars together. The 8mm rings go for Shs15,000.
Hoop iron bars, these are used to strengthen the brick walls, and also used to fasten timber, and many other applications.
They are sold in rolls or weights, but a roll is about Shs40,000 but the prices vary according to the sizes.
The other type of steel material used is the binding wire which is used mostly in steel work to fasten the steel bars together, and binding other elements such as timber in formwork, it’s sold in rolls and each goes for Shs100,000.
BRC mesh, they come in various sizes, from around Shs800,000 size A142, Shs250,000 the small one is size A66.
Nails range from Shs3,500 to Shs6,000 per kilogram depending on the size.

Damp proofing (DPC)
The damp proof course is a waterproof material laid on top of the plinth (foundation) wall to prevent damp from rising up the walls. It is sold in rolls, a roll of five metres and one metre wide costs Shs10,000 on average.
The damp proof membrane is also a waterproof material laid beneath the foundation slab, to prevent damp (moisture from rising up the slab,) it is sold in rolls, and linear metres. A roll of G1,000 costs about Shs140,000.

Foam work and shuttering
Timber for shuttering is sold at about Shs8,000 per piece, while eucalyptus poles are sold at an average of sh3,500.

Iron sheets; ordinary corrugated Iron sheets cost about Shs25,000, while the versatile sheets cost about Shs50,000 per sheet.

The roof
Clay tiles cost on average Shs2,800 and more per piece while concrete tiles cost about Shs3,500 and above depending on the colour and where you buy them from.
Please Note; the Prices Vary from different manufactures or hardware shops and also most items will be cheaper if bought in bulk or bought directly from the factory so be sure to find a good bargain on the materials while not compromising on quality.
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