Turn your small backyard into a gorgeous, inviting colourful space

If you lack space use planters to add a little green to your space. PHOTO/FILE

What you need to know:

  • Making your backyard inviting is not only easy, it can instantly transform your tiny garden into a cosy hub for conversation and laughter.

As Africans, we have a rich historical culture of entertaining guests in our homes, whether it is for a cup of tea when they drop by unexpectedly, or a meal shared among friends and family to catch up. The spaces these interactions thrive in are often the living rooms, dining areas and even the garden on a hot, sunny day. 

Unfortunately, the current house settings in most estates do not give priority to the backyards, leaving them bare and just big enough for laundry purposes. The same applies to apartment blocks, where new-age home owners contend with the small space they have for storage and laundry as well. 

Mops and buckets populate this area that could come in handy when overwhelmed with guests indoors. Though there is adequate sunshine and a bit of greenery, few make an effort to make this space as special as the rest of the house. 

In spite of these shortcomings, there are myriad ways to make your small space work for you as you expand the spaces you use to entertain your loved ones. 

Making it inviting is not only easy, it can instantly transform your tiny garden into a cosy hub for conversation and laughter in just a few steps. In the modern time of tiny home bars, quaint house plants and fairy lights, these tips will help you elevate your small garden into a space worth hosting your guests.

Gazebos are a great place to wind down and enjoy sundowners with friends and family. They can also come in handy for brunch set-ups, as they add an effortless touch of class and offer shade from the harsh rays of the sun.

There are many different designs to consider, depending on your personal style and the aura of the garden.

Garden plants
 Plants not only freshen the air around the space, they can also offer great aesthetic value and fill the space with a burst of colour. Get creative with the types of plants and mix up the different shapes and sizes for a splash of style.

Bird feeder
This little fixture adds to the general feel of serenity in the garden since it is a sure bird magnet. Ensure there is water and feed to make the birds coming. Also, do not forget to routinely clean it to make it hospitable for the birds.

Garden furniture
Furniture makes the space more inviting to guests as it provides a general structure that is suitable for their comfort and relaxation. The key is to invest in cosy fixtures and detachable cushions that can be removed in case of change in weather. 

Think out of the box and go for unconventional shapes and sizes to wow your loved ones and make your home the place to be on the weekend.

Flower pots
Vertical gardens are in, and even better, do not eat too much space. Here, invest in plants for all purposes. Plants with insecticidal properties are beautiful and practical around the home, while fast-growing herbs such as mint and rosemary could also germinate in this area and come in handy in the kitchen.

Use recycled plastic or glass and make it a family affair to tend to the pots and keep the plants blooming.


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