Upgrade your bathroom

Wednesday March 31 2021

Replace any bathroom fittings that are worn out. PHOTO/Rachel Mabala

By Joan Salmon

The bathroom is a central place in our lives and for some, it is a major hangout place that it would be unfair to let it to go to the dogs. Here are some ideas you can work with to improve the overall-look of your bathroom.

Paint the bathroom ceiling

When we say paint, Ian Musiime, a painter, says it should be any colour other than white if you are to add more interest to your space. “While you can ask a painter to help get the job done, if you are interested in getting your hands dirty, this is a great way to spend your weekend. It is also important to remember that if you opt for darker colours, you need to ensure your lighting does not let you down,” Musiime advises.

Paint the walls

Once again, we draw away from white to embrace the unexpected colours such as pink, peach or any soft shades of your choice. Musiime says you could also choose to use paint to create an ombré effect.

“This could be done working with two to three shades of different tones for an amazing look. Being a bathroom, blues are ideal for the ombré effect.”


Once again, you can choose either to do it yourself or seek the help of a professional.

Use wallpaper

Understandably, one might be weary of the idea but it works perfectly well if a few guidelines are followed.

“For instance, wallpaper should not be used in places in constant contact with water.

“In case your ventilation is somewhat lacking, stick with wallpaper designed for bathrooms so that moisture does not affect its ability to stick. That aside, any wallpaper is ideal but stronger adhesive is needed to fight off any effects of humidity,” Esther Kezia, an interior designer, says.

Invest in storage

Proper storage space is a step towards decongesting and making the bathroom more appealing. “Use these storage spaces to hold items such as soap, cotton wool, and essentials (perfumes, deodorants, and toothpaste),” Kezia says. While cupboards with shutters may work, she says getting open ones are better because they give you the opportunity to add decorative items such as candles, small potted plants to spruce the place further

Add accessories

We are talking about a soap dish or soap dispenser, toothbrush holders, storage jars and the like. This is a very practical way to add charm as well as order to your bathroom. “They will bring order to the space as everything will have a designated space which means a more beautiful place to be in. That is because disorganisation has a way of weighing down someone,” Ernest Atwine, an interior designer, shares.

Get in some house plants

This is an affordable way to add life to your bathroom without taking up space as most of these can be hang in their pots to create an awesome display. “Others can be put in the open shelving to totally transform your bathroom. However, live plants must only be put in a bathroom with windows that can be opened,” Enid Mukasa, a plant lover, shares.

Switch out the curtain

That shower curtain has served for so long, it is time to let go of it. Besides, it is yellowing, slightly mouldy, which is affecting the quality of air in your bathroom. “Honestly, even the good memories are fading, just make new ones with a new one,” Kezia urges.

Add a feature wall

While most feature walls are usually green walls, which is another great idea for upping the look of your bathroom, we want to sway your mind to a wall of art. No one said a bathroom cannot get a touch as you do for the bedroom and the living room. “Apart from finding framing, you need not spend on buying photos as you could get some from all over the house or even magazine cutouts of fascinating pictures. These will give your bathroom a glorious look, one synonymous to an art gallery,” Atwine says.

Improve your widow treatment

In instances where your window is facing another compound, improving it would mean adding some privacy. “This could be in the form of adding window treatment such as blinds so you can enjoy your bath without worrying about prying eyes,” he says.

Upgrade the lighting

Poor bathroom lighting can make even the most beautiful bathroom look gloomy. “Besides, this intimate place does not need that overhead lighting. Replace it with softer or warmer lighting as this will make feel an excellent place to be in,” Kezia shares.

Replace fitting

Over time, fittings and fixtures experience wear and tear while some get clogged, such as the shower head with algae thus looking bad which affects the general look of the space. “While they are small pieces, such as taps, most of the time, collectively, when changed, will give the bathroom a better and fresh look. This is time to invest in something that will make your bathroom look chic such as matte black, brass,” Kezia says.

Add a mirror

No, do not open your eyes wide, not everyone has a mirror in their bathroom while some are not practical because of poor positioning. “A mirror adds light to the space, makes it look bigger. Therefore, bigger is better, as much as your available space can allow. It will also be better if you can look for unique ones rather than the plain ordinary ones as this improves the overall look,” Atwine shares.