What to consider for a loft bed

The beneath-the-bed space can be converted into a home office, a storage area where you can add cabinets, a library or even fix a sofa. PHOTO/courtesy 

What you need to know:

Once one is interested in a lofty bed, there are several things to consider in order to achieve one’s needs.

With a 20 per cent estimated rapid urbanisation in Uganda, there is a likelihood of integration of infrastructure where many but small spaced houses will be constructed for the city dwellers and employees.

This is already evident in some places in the city.

With a small space and too much property to keep, a loft bed may come in handy.

Most loft beds have an idea of a bunk bed, only that they do not have an extra bed on the lower end.

“The beneath-the-bed space can be converted into a home office, a storage area where you can add cabinets, a library or even fix a sofa,” Eric Rwakoma, a visual artist at RAC Studios in Kikoni says.

As for the children, the free space can act as a quiet spot to relax or a place to get their homework done, a play area where one can even add covers to look like a tent, or even a wardrobe.

That is majorly the perk that loft beds have. Maximising space in the house. It is a simple way to optimise storage and space, especially in a smaller apartment.

Once one is interested in a loft bed, there are several things to consider in order to achieve one’s needs.


Since this is a bed you will be climbing into every day, looking for a durable wood or metal should be one of the top things to consider. You do not want a wobbly bed for either an adult or a child.

A strong material will not only be safe, but also get to have a taste of time.


There are many things that can determine the height of your loft bed. It could be the height of the ceiling, what one wants to do with the space underneath the bed or just the person’s preference.

According to Rwakoma, for a child’s bed, the height may just depend on the height of the child and the use of the free space as well. For an adult, it may also depend on what they intend to use with the space.

The bed can be inches away from the ceiling or way down. One can consider a low-profile loft bed with inbuilt drawers or cabinets for one’s storage needs.

Adult or child?

Who are you making the loft bed for?

This reason may end up answering most of your questions right away from height and size. Whether an adult, a teenager or child, every single one’s interests differ.

A child’s loft tends to be lower than a full grown adult’s, which alters the size of the bed. A child’s needs with space are also very different from an adult’s. While the child may just need a play-tent like area, it may just be storage purposes for an adult.

A homework station for a child is also not as high as that of an adult’s home office space.


According to Rwakoma, the cost normally depend on the size and material of the bed, not forgetting the additional features.

The loft bed with the reading table and chair would go for Shs2.5M or more, still depending on the type of materials used.

“Some clients may want storage cabinets on one side and study area on the other. That variation calls for differences in price,” he says.

According to Thespruce, one will want to ensure there are at least 30 inches of space between the mattress and the ceiling. This will provide enough room for the bed’s occupant to sit up comfortably.

Loft beds may also be for older children who are able to climb ladders properly. Firm rules should also be set for the children about playing on the bed, just like they should with bunk beds.

Loft beds may also be a bad idea for the elderly, who find it hard to sit or climb the stairs.

Additional features

According to Spruce, the purpose of loft beds is to open up floor space in the bedroom for other activities;wand some loft beds are better prepared for that than others. Some lofted beds have desks, wardrobes, or storage tucked underneath the beds.

While these beds are more expensive, it might be worth it to invest in a bed with all of these extra features if you prefer to have all of your furniture match.


The size of the loft bed will depend on who you are making it for or even your comfortability. You can either choose a twin sized bed or a full sized bed.

The size will also be determined by the purpose of the loft bed. If you need more storage space or a more spacious work station beneath the bed, a bigger bed may be a go to.


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