Where to place a washing machine if you do not have a laundry room?

Wednesday January 20 2021
By Andrew Kaggwa

If there is one way to kill a weekend, it is definitely by throwing laundry into the mix.

Laundry over the weekends is one activity we have grown up with and yet, for some reason, it is not something you get used to. It is derailing, hectic and most of the time slows the day.

You cannot avoid laundry, when you send it out for instance, you may hate the fact that the old lady doing it uses a brush on your denim jackets damaging them in the long run and if you decide to buy as many pairs of trousers and socks, well laundry will still exist.

Which explains why someone decided to invent a washing machine; they are some of those inventions that allow a human to celebrate the fruits of their labour. Imagine staying in bed for as long as you can or watching a movie in a time you previously used for laundry.

However, even when it is fun owning a washing machine, it is not one of those home appliances that anyone can own because it is costly. Outside the cost, it is the kind of appliance that needs a professional to install, thus where it is placed matters.

Most homes with washing machines have a laundry room, but what happens if you’re buying one for your simple self-contained house without extra rooms and stores.


Go portable

Joseph Mukasa, a dealer in home appliances, says if someone wants a washing machine and yet they don’t have the luxury of space, they should think about going for portable washers.

Of course these will not handle the kind of work a bigger machine does, for instance, where a bigger machine handles about 7kgs, a portable one may wash about 4kgs of clothes.

Mukasa says there are two types of washers, one that opens from the top and another that opens from the front. The debate on which washer works better has been on for years, though there are many that suggest that washers that open from the front are a better option.

“While picking the right spot for a washing machine, the first thing you have to put into consideration should be the water source,” Mukasa says.

Once one finds ways of getting water to and out of the machine, Mukasa says the location may not matter as much, though he goes on to suggest a few places one can consider.

The bedroom

If one is staying in a small space of two rooms, there are chances the bedroom is near the bathroom. This means the washing machine can easily have access to a water source and a sink.

But even if the access is not direct, with portable machines, it is easy to have a customised wooden dolly where you can wheel it to the right position when you have to wash.                                         


Often, people are not familiar with a washing machine in the kitchen. For many homes though, Mukasa says it is always placed after the dish washer. The main reason for having the washing machine in the kitchen is because it is an easy access to a sink and running water.


In a situation where the house is small that you cannot find space in the bedroom, bathroom and probably don’t have a kitchen. Mukasa says the balcony can be an option. Obviously, you will need the necessary water connections, electric socket and the drains and protect the washing machine, so that external exposure does not affect the functionality of the appliance nor its durability.

This only works if the bathroom is big enough to accommodate a machine. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is easily sought after because of its access to water and a sink.