What questions should I expect at my next interview?

Friday December 18 2020
By Caroline Mboijana

Dear Caroline,
I have just submitted my application. Please tell me what interview questions I should expect in my next interview for the post of administrative assistant. I have actually been into an interview for the same position but never succeeded, I was rejected.  Stella 

Dear Stella,
I know interviews can be daunting and being adequately prepared is essential. Although it is impossible to know exactly what you will be asked, there are several key areas that you can expect to come up.
For instance, they will likely ask you to elaborate on your skills and experiences. 

They may ask you for specific examples, such as to give an example of when you had to deal with confidential information. It is important that you explain the situation, what the task was, what action you took and the result (this can be remembered using the acronym STAR- situation, task, action, result). 

If you have worked as an administrative assistant before, explain how that experience fostered relevant skills. If you have no administrative experience, show how other experiences, such as past jobs or your qualifications, relate to this job.

 Additionally, they may ask you questions about yourself more broadly. For example, interviewers will commonly ask what your strengths and weaknesses are, or how you feel you would uniquely contribute. 

It is also likely that they will ask you questions about the role. For example, they might ask you why you would like to work as an administrative assistant, or how the role of an administrative assistant contributes to the organization.


 Make sure that you have carefully read the job description and know what is expected of the role. Moreover, they may ask why you would specifically like to work for their organization.

 It is therefore important to have researched the organization before hand- What are their goals as a company? What are their values? Mentioning these will show your enthusiasm and demonstrate that you’ve done your research.

 Finally, think about whether you have any questions for them as they may give you an opportunity at the end to ask them questions.

It is important to remember that the interview is not only about the answers to the questions, but also about making a good first impression. Make sure to dress professionally, maintain positive body language, and speak clearly.

Good luck in your interviews.
Caroline Mboijana,
Managing Director,
The Leadership Team (U)